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JTCS Volume 1 Issue 1

The Journal of Textile and Clothing Science (JTCS) is a peer-reviewed (refereed) journal. Which is aimed at providing the platform to exchange information pertaining to all sectors of textile and the clothing industry among researchers, textile technocrats, fashion designers and industry experts. The journal focuses on scientific, technical, economical, managerial and all other aspects of textile activity at theoretical and experimental level. JTCS is aimed at publishing original research articles, review papers, short communications, and letters to the editor and book reviews catering the needs of both industry and academia.

Journal of Textile and

Journal of Textile and Clothing Science Available online at REVIEW CONCEPT OF LEAN MANUFACTUIRNG Ravi Purohit*, Sarika Borikar Department of Textiles, Faculty of Fashion Technology, D.K.T.E Society’s, Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji-416115, India. A R T I C L E I N F O Article history: Received 06 February 2018 Accepted 31 March 2018 Keywords: Benefits of lean, Implementation, Risks, Tools, Training, Types of wastages A B S T R A C T As a period is moving assembling enterprises are moving to the spots where work charges are less yet after setup likewise the assembling cost won't increment with time in light of the fact that there will be climb in labor charges, crude material charge, transport cost additionally deterioration and so forth these all outcomes in higher assembling cost per unit. Likewise, to maintain in this aggressive market producer cannot expand the selling cost so this outcome in lessening of the edge (Profit) to manage the profit level the main way is chip away at assembling cost diminishment and this can be accomplished by lean assembling. Lean assembling is a system where wastages and nonesteem exercises gets lessened by executing lean tools and making process wind up plainly lean so lean assembling is turning into a requirement for assembling businesses. This paper incorporates data about lean assembling, their advantages, execution process and lean tools. 1. Introduction The importance of word lean signifies "Thin" in English lexicon. Japan has begun Lean assembling exceptionally Toyota fabricating however in actuality Henry Ford was the principal individual who had been utilizing parts of Lean as ahead of schedule as the 1920's he accepted and demonstrated that Shortening of the creation process duration lessens producing cost and longer the way toward assembling prompts high assembling cost. National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership's Lean Network: characterized lean as "An orderly way to deal with recognizing and taking out waste through ceaseless change, streaming the item at the draw of the client in quest for flawlessness.”Most association takes a shot at following equation; Selling price = Profit + Costs (1) Here we cannot expand selling cost in this aggressive world. Rather than this association should deal with: Profit = Selling price – Manufacturing Costs Lean attempts to lessen costs. Organizations that execute Lean regularly make critical cost reserve funds so there is immediate change in profitability. To end up noticeably phenomenal associations or Lean Enterprises the initial phase (2) * Corresponding author. Tel.: +919145629378 .

IJTCS Vol.-1 Issue-1 March-May, 2017
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