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2 | Summer

2 | Summer 2018/ Winter 2018-2019 Cruises

Experience a PONANT Luxury Expedition voyage Dear Guests, Antarctica, Australia, the Amazon and Vanuatu, Aldabra, Vanikoro… Faraway continents, mysterious shores, antipodean people, desert islands with names that evoke adventure… Mankind has always been guided by its curiosity and its thirst to discover our wonderful common heritage: planet Earth. Driven for nearly thirty years by their passion for sea voyages, the PONANT teams invite you to experience the very essence of travel by embarking on a PONANT expedition cruise. Drawing on our proven experience in sailing to extreme regions aboard safe ships that are respectful of the environment and equipped with the very latest technology, we bring you a range of carefully selected, unique itineraries. These exceptional cruises, several of which are brand new, sail to both polar and tropical regions. Our priority at all times is to respect the indigenous populations and the pristine nature which it is our responsibility to protect. Daily Zodiac® outings, landings on shores that very few people have had the chance to visit, and fascinating on-board lectures by our expert naturalist-guides: a whole world of wonder and discoveries will open up to you during your enchanted interlude far from the hustle and bustle of modern life in the exceptional comfort for which PONANT is renowned. Let us guide you towards the vertiginous glaciers of Patagonia, the majestic Amazon, and the idyllic, deserted beaches of the Indian Ocean, or to meet the proud inhabitants of Baffin Bay or the Solomon Islands. With wide-eyed wonder and childlike curiosity you will observe breathtakingly vivacious wildlife and astonishing natural phenomena… As you leaf through these pages, imagine your future PONANT expedition cruise, shared with your spouse, family or friends. See you very soon on board ! +7 499 609 7070, | 3