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Discover the ancient wonders of Papua and Spice The Scattered Islands & the Seychelles CAIRNS • DARWIN LE LAPÉROUSE 12 days / 11 nights 12th May 2019 from 4 120 € (see page 89) TROPICAL E X P E D I TI O N DURBAN • MAHE LE LYRIAL 16 days / 15 nights 1st April 2019 from 5 860 € (see page 89) TROPICAL E X P E D I TI O N WEST PAPUA Mommon Sebakor Bay Banda Neira Triton Bay MALUKU Asmat Kei Islands DARWIN AUSTRALIA Cape York CAIRNS Coral Sea NATURALIST SEYCHELLES La Digue VICTORIA, MAHE Assomption / Aldabra Alphonse Glorieuses Nosi Komba Juan de Nova Scattered Islands MADAGASCAR SOUTH AFRICA Europa DURBAN Indian Ocean NATURALISTE PLONGÉE DAY ITINERARY ARRIVAL DEPARTURE 1 Cairns (Australia) Embarkation from 16.00 to 17.00 18.00 2 At sea 3 Cape York (Australia) 4 At sea 5 Asmat (West Papua, Indonesia) 6 At sea 7 Triton Bay (West Papua, Indonesia) 8 Mommon (West Papua, Indonesia) Sebakor Bay (West Papua, Indonesia) 9 Kei Islands (Moluccas, Indonesia) 10 Banda Neira (Moluccas, Indonesia) 11 At sea 12 Darwin (Australia) 07.00 Disembarkation Highlights: • Zodiac® outings & shore visits with your expedition team; • Discover the Asmat region and its small traditional villages, inhabitants and warrior ceremonies; • Expeditions in a Zodiac® to Triton Bay’s karst islands, decked with tropical vegetation, and to explore the caves in Sebakor Bay; • The Malukus, the paradisiacal Spice Islands; • Many opportunities for swimming and snorkelling in idyllic sites. DAY ITINERARY ARRIVAL DEPARTURE 1 Durban (South Africa) Embarkation from 16.00 to 17.00 18.00 2 - 3 At sea 4 Europa (Scattered Islands) 06.00 19.00 5 At sea 6 Juan de Nova (Scattered Islands) 06.00 19.00 7 At sea 8 Glorieuses (Scattered Islands) 06.00 19.00 9 Nosi Komba (Madagascar) 06.30 19.00 10 Assomption (Seychelles) 15.45 19.00 11 Aldabra (Seychelles) 05.00 12 Aldabra (Seychelles) 19.00 13 At sea 14 Alphonse (Seychelles) 06.00 13.00 15 La Digue (Seychelles) 08.00 16.00 Victoria, Mahe (Seychelles) 19.00 16 Victoria, Mahe (Seychelles) Disembarkation Highlights: • Zodiac® outings & shore visits with your expedition team; • Visiting Aldabra Atoll, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to the world’s largest population of tortoises; • Discovering the Scattered Islands, a geological sanctuary with nature reserve status since 1975; • A variety of idyllic landscapes: atolls, coral reefs, lagoons, mangrove, white-sand beaches; • A rich and protected fauna and flora; • An exceptional cruise to discover the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean; • Possibility of diving and/or snorkelling in the Seychelles with an experienced instructor on board. 64 | Summer 2018 / Winter 2018 - 2019 Cruises

Macquarie and the New Zealand Subantarctic Islands expedition DUNEDIN • DUNEDIN LE LAPÉROUSE 17 days / 16 nights 23rd February 2019 from 8 330 € (see page 89) Tasman Sea Milford Sound Doubtful Sound Dusky Sound The Snares Auckland Islands NEW ZEALAND DUNEDIN Macquarie Island Campbell Island AUSTRALIA Sub-Antarctic Islands Bounty Islands Antipodes Islands NATURALIST PARKA GIFT FREE RENTAL DAY ITINERARY ARRIVAL DEPARTURE 1 Dunedin (New Zealand) Embarkation from 16.00 to 17.00 18.00 2 At sea 3 Sailing in the Milford Sound (New Zealand) 4 Sailing in the Doubtful Sound and the Dusky Sound (New Zealand) 5 The Snares (New Zealand) 6 - 7 Auckland Islands (New Zealand) 8 At sea 9 - 10 Macquarie Island (Australia) 11 At sea 12 Campbell Island(New Zealand) 13 At sea 14 Antipodes Islands (New Zealand) 15 Bounty Islands (New Zealand) 16 At sea 17 Dunedin (New Zealand) 06.30 Disembarkation Highlights: • A unique PONANT cruise letting you explore the Sub Antarctic Islands of New Zealand, one of the least visited regions in the world; • Zodiac® outings & shore visits with your expedition team; • Opportunities for hiking with guided walks on the Auckland Islands, Campbell Island and Macquarie Island, all of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites; • Wildlife: colonies of fur seals, elephant seals, king and yelloweyed penguins. A very wide variety of birds: Gibson’s albatross, giant petrels, Auckland shags and rorquals; • Landscapes: Beaches of black sand, cliffs and lush green prairies, contrasting with snow - capped mountain chains with looking over glacial valleys fiords. Subantarctic islands The New Zealand subantarctic islands, Macquarie Island and Fiordland National Park have been honoured with World Heritage status, meaning they represent the best of the world’s natural heritage. They are remote, rugged, wild and beautiful places, home to some of the most abundant and unique wildlife on earth. More than half of the world’s albatross and penguin species reside here. The region is also a haven for marine mammals, boasting impressive breeding colonies of sea lions, fur seals and elephant seals. For nature lovers, birders, photographers, and travellers wishing to venture where few have gone before, these sites provide a truly privileged glimpse into a unique world. Wildlife that is unique in the world Unique wildlife has taken up residence in these wild landscapes shaped by water and ice, which are hundreds of thousands of years old. More than half of known species of albatrosses and penguins live here, and it is a nesting site for thousands of sea birds. Marine mammals are not left out, with impressive colonies of sea lions and fur seals. The Sub Antarctic Islands are a dream destination for all nature lovers, photographers and travellers seeking out the privilege of exploring regions where few have ventured. Asia, Oceania and Indian Ocean Expeditions by | 65