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Must-see destinations in Latin America Orinoco : meeting the Warao The Orinoco Delta, an extraordinary universe of vegetation set on the water in the heart of Warao Indian territory… During our cruise there will be outings in Zodiac® dinghies to discover the villages located along the shores of this aquatic labyrinth. The powerful beauty of the river, the magic of its nights, the discovery of unusual and secret wildlife and the extravagant vegetation will make you into the explorer you always dreamed of being...Villages of simple palm-thatched huts built on stilts are proof of the presence of Warao Indians, whose name means “people of the pirogues”. You will be astonished by the ease with which they sail their craft as they come to meet your ship. The Amazon Despite its image as an impenetrable land, the Amazon can be explored, even when one is not a hardened explorer. Aboard your ship, sail this river and journey deep into the heart of this green paradise, the Amazon, the rich exuberance of a wild symphony. It is here, on the outer decks of your ship that you will be able to appreciate this colossal waterway to the full, secret refuge for thousands of animals. Tribes are living here, far from any contact with the city, in harmony with nature. Aboard our Zodiac® dinghies, do not miss the daytime and nocturnal excursions to experience the surrounding environment. Expedition in the Chilean fjords Your ship will chart a course towards the south of Chile, to archipelagos and tortuous fjords where majestic glaciers seem to meet the ocean. This remote setting is remarkable for the splendour of its sea scattered with islands, and its slow and powerful glaciers that have been transforming and reshaping the landscapes over centuries. During your expedition cruise, you will have many opportunities to set out aboard our Zodiac® dinghies, piloted by your naturalist guides, to get as close as possible to this untamed natural world, where the presence of human beings is almost imperceptible. Cape Horn Discover the crucial passage sailors call “the Horn”. This legendary cliff stands some 425 metres tall and is the most southerly point of the lands attached to South America. Your ship will sail around the characteristic silhouette discovered in January 1616 by two Dutch sailors who named it after their hometown. Weather conditions permitting, you will disembark at the foot of the cape and climb up wooden steps to the imposing memorial dedicated to all the sailors who lost their lives rounding the cape. The sculpture depicts the slender silhouette of an albatross in flight. A solemn atmosphere reigns over this intensely wild land surrounded by a fierce and powerful ocean. 74 | Summer 2018/ Winter 2018-2019 Cruise

Torres del Paine Well beyond the 42 nd parallel stretch the wild open spaces of Patagonia. All the beauty of this region can be summed up in the Torres del Paine National Park, which is arguably one of South America’s finest. Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, the untouched wilderness competes with the intense colours of an immense sky. This earthly paradise, coloured by numerous lakes in varying shades of azure blue and magnified by immaculate glaciers, provides a sumptuous setting for incredible and diverse wildlife. Torres del Paine National Park is home to more than 25 species of mammals, including the country’s famous emblem: the huemul. The Sea of Cortez In the south of California, a slim desert peninsula advances into the Pacific Ocean, scorched by the sun, landscape of canyons and cactus… This “Baja California” forms the boundary of the Sea of Cortez, scattered with some 200 islands and islets, formed from red volcanic rock that plunges into the incredibly transparent sea. The breathtaking richness of its aquatic wildlife that earned the Sea of Cortez its listing among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From Zodiac® dinghies or on the outer decks of your ship, admire the ballet of the playful sea lions, keep an eye out for sea turtles and the silvery flashes of immense shoals of anchovies. The Caribbean archipelagos Who has never dreamt of setting sail to follow in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus and discover these unspoiled Edens, lands of a thousand facets? We invite you to chart a course towards the Caribbean Islands, pearls of the South, showcased against the turquoise water. Here the sea is everywhere. In the south, it outlines the curves of the long sandy beaches that stretch out in the shade of the palm trees, whilst in the north it is topped with white spray to splash at the foot of volcanoes. The Caribbean Sea is truly a paradise for divers, offering an exceptional underwater environment of coral reefs and multicoloured fish for you to admire during your aquatic excursions. Devil’s Island Lying off the coast of Kourou, an essential element of any trip to Guiana, the Islands of Salvation were known as the “Devil’s Island” because of the strong sea currents that made access to them perilous. Once infamous for being the site of a jail with very harsh conditions of detention, where Alfred Dreyfus was exiled, today they are a peaceful place where coconut palms cast shade over the crystal-clear waters. During your cruise, we invite you to make a timeless journey to visit the many remains of the prison that are still visible, including cells and the abandoned hospital. Latin America Expeditions by | 75