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Luxury Expedition

Luxury Expedition voyages by Ponant Choosing a PONANT Expedition cruise means choosing to be truly connected to your environment: a blend of luxury and immersive experiences, exploration and great comfort, adventure and refinement… even in the heart of the most remote regions. Polar, tropical or subtropical expeditions: from the Antarctic to Papua, from the Arctic to the Great Rivers of Latin America, PONANT will take you as close as possible to pristine nature and ancestral cultures, far from the most popular maritime routes. You will marvel at the most unspoiled places on our planet. 8 | Summer 2018/ Winter 2018-2019 Cruises

Luxury amenities… An expedition with PONANT guarantees the best conditions of day-today comfort for you in the most remote places on the planet. The comfort of your ship and your cabin, personalised and attentive service, refined gastronomy… the unique atmosphere which we go to great lengths to preserve in order to stay true to our philosophy, creating that privileged feeling of being aboard one’s own private yacht. In the heart of the ice or the distant archipelagos of Oceania, our luxury amenities will make your voyage into an unforgettable experience. … in the heart of extreme lands Whether in the Polar Regions or along the Amazon River, the size of our ships and their shallow draught mean you can arrive as close as possible to these hard-to-access areas. This proximity offers the privileged discovery of preserved sites. Our expedition teams are always on the lookout for the unexpected and the surprises inherent to these itineraries, and our flexibility enables us to adapt to these. A genuine philosophy of exploration travel. A tradition of excellence, professionalism and expertise As the only French cruise company to sail in the heart of the ice, PONANT has the talent and the experience to take you to the most remote regions in complete safety. Our Captains and our crew members are professionals, specially trained to sail in these regions. Our latest-generation fleet, the youngest in the world, has the most modern technologies and equipment to assure your safety and respect for the regions visited. Our stable and silent “ice”-certified ships meet the most stringent international standards: 3D seabed visualisation using a dual sonar system, satellite weather station, GPS trackers on the Zodiac® inflatables. This safety priority can make your dreams of adventure a reality. An air of environmental respect, that only a few ships worldwide currently enjoy. Why take an Expedition Cruise with PONANT • For an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime trip; • To get away from civilisation in hard-to-reach locations where you will have the privilege of discovering the flora, fauna and remote cultures; • For the many Zodiac® outings and shore visits throughout your cruise; • To experience the cruise in the company of a team of specialists who will share their knowledge and experience during fascinating outings and lectures; • To cruise to the most remote parts of the planet in the total comfort afforded by luxury amenities and services; • For exclusive opportunities to meet ancestral people who live according to their customs and traditions on their ancestors’ land; • For a worry-free trip, since all of your expedition outings are conveniently included. +7 499 609 7070, Luxury Expeditions by | 9