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Ways to uncork champagne with champagne saber

Setting Up the Bottle

Setting Up the Bottle and Tools There is one thing you have to keep in mind before practicing or performing this art. You need to use the right tool when beheading the bottle of champagne. Though it seems like these tools are effective, no other tool can make it better and perfect for the use of a champagne sword or champagne saber. A kitchen knife is for cutting meat, a spoon is for serving food and champagne saber is used for sabering. •

Understanding the Champagne Bottle Different champagnes have their own unique type of bottles. Regardless whether you are going to perform using vintage, non-vintage champagnes. A single bottle of champagne creates 35 pounds of force because of the carbon dioxide. Therefore, it only requires a few amounts of force to make the cork to fly off. It is highly suggested by the expert to chill the bottle, but not ice-cold. This affects the pressure from the inside which makes it easier. •

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