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proceedings, as

proceedings, as required, under 7.30 of the Insolvency Act, where we quote:- “(1) In respect of all insolvency proceedings, the court shall open and maintain a file for each case; and (subject to directions of the registrar) all documents relating to such proceedings shall be placed on the relevant file”. (2) No proceedings shall be filed in the Central Office of the High Court. a) There was no receipt for the payment of the deposit, contrary to the Insolvency Rules, and we quote:- Statutory Instrument part 6 Rule 6.10 (2) “No Petition shall be filed, unless there is produced with it the receipt for the deposit payable on presentation”.

8) As it appears, and is affirmed by the High Court, they do not have Computer Caseman Records, as required under Rule 7.27 of the Insolvency Act 1986, we quote:- “The Court shall keep records of all insolvency proceedings, and shall cause to be entered in the records the taking of any step in the proceedings, and such decisions of the court in relation thereto, as the court thinks fit”.

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