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Michelle Young - legal strategy analysis

1) Why is the Petition

1) Why is the Petition procedurally defective and Extortion? Quote:- “The debtor resides in England and Wales. I present this Petition, to the Central London County Court”. a) The statement above was made in Section 2 of the Petition. b) This is contrary to the facts, as the trial of the Bankruptcy proceedings took place in the High Court, which does not have any jurisdiction, to entertain Individual Bankruptcy Petition Cases, in accordance to the Insolvency Act 1986 Rule 6.9 (2). c) Only the defendants County Court can issue individual bankruptcy proceedings, as per Rule 6.9 (2) of the Act, pursuant to the Statutory Instrument where we quote:-

“Court to which Petition to be presented 6.9 (2) In any other case the petition shall be presented to the County Court for the insolvency district in which the debtor reside….” d) Rule 7.30 (2) States:- “No proceedings shall be filed in the Central Office of the High Court”. e)The Case Number 1814/2015 is NOT a County Court Case Number. 2) Has Michelle Young ever been served with any Petition, Issued by the Court as stated in paragraph two of the quasi/false petition? a) Michelle Young, has never been served, with any Petition, Issued by the Court.

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