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Michelle Young - legal strategy analysis

) The presentation of

) The presentation of the Bankruptcy Petition, was made by David Ingram and Richard Hicken, both of Grant Thornton LLP. c) The Private Individuals, David Ingram and Richard Hicken, have no standing whatsoever, in the proceedings, as they presented themselves on the petition. d) The individuals did not state under what authority they are acting, are not a legal entity in the proceedings. e) Affirmed by the judgement by Mr Justice Moritt in the case of Dubai Bank Ltd. -V- Gajadari and Others. Quote :–

“Proceedings a Nullity where the plaintiff does not exist as legal entity”. 3) Did the Court receive as evidence attached, an Affidavit or Statement of Truth by the alleged petitioner as stated in paragraph 3 of the taxation Order? Quote:- “The Debtor is justly and truly indebted to the Petitioners in the aggregate sum of £84,430. By an Order of the High Court of Justice Senior Courts Costs Office…… between Mr David Ingram and Mr Richard Hicken and Ms Michelle Danique Young. It was Ordered that Ms Young pay to the Petitioners the sum of £82,000 and £2,430 for costs by 6 March 2015”. a) It is a false statement.

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