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Michelle Young - legal strategy analysis

“On the 10 th March

“On the 10 th March 2015, a Statutory Demand, was served… in respect of the above debt (Court Order/s)”. a) On the facts, and the law, it is an admission, of an abuse of process, as stated above, Section 268 1(a or b) of the Inslovency Act 1986, amounting to extortion. b) As the claim is based, on a quasi liquidated debt, on a Court Order, which does not exist. 6) Paragraph 5 refers to a Statutory Demand being served on the debtor …. Is this valid evidence? “We do not, nor does any person on our behalf, hold any security, on the debtor estate, or any part thereof, for the payment of the above mentioned sum”.

a)This is a false statement, knowingly made with intent, contrary to the true facts. Namely they have been presented by Michelle Young, an Instrument (Court Order) by Mr Justice Moore Case number FD07D02865 in the sum of £26,600,000 (Twenty Six Million Pounds). b) On which Mr Justice Moor pronounced in the judgement. 7) The Court File, which Ms Young received a copy of, all the Data, referring to each step in the proceedings, shows no evidence in the form of receipts, that the Court’s Fees have been paid to Issue the

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