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Creative Heritage

ISBN 978-3-86859-532-1

“We have to shift our

“We have to shift our focus from volumes, objects, images towards defining meaningful spaces.” p. 20 “Artefacts, actions and reflections of today will become tomorrow’s heritage.” p. 34 “The augmented city generates creative devices for the metamorphosis we are going through.” p. 46 “From financial assets to commons: public property as a resource for urban regeneration.” p. 54 “I chose this artwork as an example that shows an artistic transformation process of heritage.” p. 44 18

Heritage communties enhance local and creative approaches against decline.” p. 30 “Creative Heritage is able to enhance the reconnection of the urban and the rural.” p. 62 “Architectural heritage has to go beyond the scope of institutionalized monument protection.” p. 32 “Creative Heritage is the traces and signs that generate stories, actions, and events to orient our cities.” p. 42 “Creative Heritage is neither nostalgic nor purely aesthetic. It helps to preserve inclusive, cohesive societies.” p. 26 “These built statements of the post-war period can be an inspiration for the future.” p. 48 VOI- CES 19