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PAL 2017 05 WP

PAL 2017 05

PNCC Connecting Palau to the World Government & Non-Government Organizations 13 PALAU RED CROSS SOCIETY P.O. Box 6043 Koror, Republic of Palau 96940 Phone: (680) 488-5780/5781 Fax: (680) 488-4540 Email: The Palau Red Cross Society (PRCS) is a not-for-profit humanitarian organizaon. organizaon. Through our headquarters in Koror and network of volunteers, we provide services throughout the country where we serve the most vulnerable, alleviate human suffering and contribute to the promoon promoon of human dignity and peace. DISASTER PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE • Improve safety programs for disaster situaons, situaons, i.e. typhoons, floods and fires SINGLE-INCIDENT EMERGENCIES • Give assistance to vicms vicms of fire incidences, damaged houses, etc. COMMUNITY FIRST AID AND CPR TRAINING • Provide CERTIFIED training in first aid and CPR BLOOD DONOR RECRUITMENT • Ensure the availability of emergency blood supplies in Palau SERVICES TO ARMED FORCES • Provide support for members of the US Military in cases of personal emergency, i.e. illness or death of family members JOIN, BECOME A MEMBER, AND/OR VOLUNTEER for Palau Red Cross. Membership is $1.00 per year. Stop by our office located at the Old OEK Building or visit us online at or A Palau Red Cross a “Bedud er a Dmolech” el mo er a rokui el chad el kiei er Belau.

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