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Crochet Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

If you're looking for the unique crochet gift ideas for the baby shower?

Crocheted Teething Biscuits Introducing the indestructible crocheted teether – reusable and safe for the little one to chew on all day long! Cute Crocheted Pacifier Clip This is literally a gift that keeps on giving. The mom to be will thank you every chance she gets! Crochet a lot of these in different colors and wrap ‘em up in a cute little bundle. Crocheted Batching Hat and Booties

A sweet and cuddly baby shower gift with a lot of swag – for the little bundle of joy! Baby Bibs Trust us when we tell you this: there is no such thing as ‘enough’ bibs for a new mum to be! Mix and match your colors to make an adorable collection for baby’s first keeping-it-clean kit. Crocheted Organizer

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