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“I want to ensure that

“I want to ensure that every child in the UK has access to the Tunes Times Tables and to enjoy learning multiplication in a fun way.” – Mr NK “I have the strategy/method that gives children an opportunity to learn through their style of learning, no matter what their ability is they can learn this way. ” – Mr NK “I can make the bottom of the class become the top of the class and the top of the class become even faster. There is no reason why you should not all be at the same level.” - Mr NK

The Tunes Times Tables is an innovative and unique way of quickly retaining times tables. This is done by using songs, rhythm, movements and catchy melodies. It has been said people are highly influenced by music and this is a memorable way to grasp information. Mr NK has found combining these methods help children learn their times tables more effectively. This strategy is currently delivered across the UK and internationally by Mr NK. ‘I only learnt my times tables through creating the Tunes Times Tables at the age 29’ - NK The Tunes Times Tables method excites children about multiplication and raises confidence. We scrapped the traditional method of paper, pens and desks to focus on a kinaesthetic approach using songs and fun based interactive learning.

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