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Magento Mobile Apps: Redefining the Ecommerce Future!

An interesting take on why Magento Mobile Apps have become mandatory for ecommerce store owners and how can you build one for yourself? But But there is a problem here. If you lack technical knowledge, you possibly cannot create a Mobile App for your e­store. You would need a professional mobile app development company who can help you with the same. Today, we will check out some of the benefits of having mobile apps and how they can help you have a brighter business future. Extraordinary Customer Experience According to a report named “Mobile’s Hierarchy of Needs” conducted by ComScore, Mobile Apps make up 87% of total mobile minutes spent by mobile users. So, when you release your mobile app on Apple Store and Playstore, you provide your customers with the flexibility to access your store from their Android and iOS devices. The mobile app builder plugins available in the market offer you with the facility of adding multiple products to your apps. Not to forget, the different language and currency options you can include. To make the experience of your customers personalized, you can offer them with a real­time chat environment. Share information about your products, discuss about them, cross sell, upsell and do much more! All through your Magento app. Push Notifications The hoardings of “Sale Sale Sale” outside a brick and mortar store lead the people passing through the store to buy. But how would you let your customers know about your ongoing e­store sale? With apps, you can get the facility of sending push notifications. As and when you send them to your customers they can get instant alerts and reminders about the deals and discounts.

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