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Steps to restore deleted files from office 365 mailbox?

Read this Pdf, If you want to recover deleted files from your outlook office 365 account. For any other issue Dial office 365 customer Helpline Number 1-800-817-695. For more details visit our website:

Steps to restore deleted files from office 365

How can an admin recover deleted files from the user’s mailbox? There are different methods to recover deleted items from the system. But if a user deletes a file from the office, he cannot access it again from his account. There is only one condition in which we can recover it, the file should not have been permanently removed from the mailbox. The “In-Place eDiscovery tool” allows the user to find the deleted items in online exchange by exporting the deleted items to “Outlook Data File (PST)”. Office 365 Support Australia has recommended the following steps by which an admin can search for the deleted files from The Recoverable Items Folder of the users’ mailbox. Steps to restore data from the Recoverable Items Folder 1. First of all, you need to Sign In to Office and move to the App Launcher Icon and select Admin 2. Expand the Admin from the navigation center and tap on the exchange. Click on the Compliance Management and Select In-Place eDiscovery & Hold; click on New + after that. 3. Type the name of the user in the Name and Description section and click on Next 4. The page for the Mailboxes will open and you are required to click on the Specify Mailboxes to Search and then click on Add +. Now find and select the name of the user, click Add and move to Next 5. Now you will see a page, in which you will be required to select the options and Search Criteria such as the Message Type, Sender’s or Receiver’s Address, Dates etc. Click on Next after typing these details 6. Select Finish on the In-Place Hold Setting page, you will receive a list of the files based on the criteria that you have provided. 7. Tap to Preview Search Results and identify if you have found the item you are trying to recover, Export it to the PST files and later recover these items from there. Follow this if you have not find your file If you could not find the piece you are searching for, you can try to Refresh the Page and search it with Different Criteria by Editing the Details in the Search Query Page. If any of the criteria did not provide you with the items you are looking for and if you don’t actually remember the details of the file, you should feel comfortable to ask suggestions by contact Office 365 Customer Support 1-800-817-695 or you can also connect them through email. They are always available to provide the best solutions according to the customers’ requirements. Original Source:

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