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Nephelometry Reagent Stock Sheet

BN ProSpec Nephelometry Reagent Stock Availability and Expiry

Nephelometry Reagent Stock

Nephelometry Reagents Availability in Stock Anti-Sera Reagents EXP (Near) /Lot. CRP (5b) RF (3b) ASO (3b) C3 (1b) C4 (1b) IgG (1b) IgA (1b) IgM (1b) Kappa (1b) Lambda (1b) IgG1 (1b) IgG2 (1b) IgG3 (1b) IgG4. (1b) PY (1b) (C1 I) Suppl. (SRP) Qty EXP (Far1) /Lot. Qty EXP (Far2) /Lot. Qty EXP (Far3) /Lot. Qty EXP (Far4) /Lot. Qty Total Qty in Stock Standards & Control Reagents EXP (Near) /Lot. N-Protein Std (SL) (3b) N/T-Protein Control SL/L (3b) N/T-Protein Control SL/M (3b) N/T- Protein Control SL/H (3b) N-Rheumo Std (SL) (3b) N/T Rheumo Control SL/1 (3b) N/T Rheumo Control SL/2 (3b) N-Prot Std PY (C1) (3b) N/T- Prot Control PY (C1) (3b) N/T- Prot Control LC (CSF) (3b) Qty EXP (Far1) /Lot. Qty EXP (Far2) /Lot. Qty Total in Stock

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