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Global Reusable Water Bottle Market 2018

Global Reusable Water Bottle Market

Global Reusable Water Bottle Market Trends, Analysis, and Forecast To 2025 Market Definition: A reusable water bottle can be recycled by bottler for several times. These bottles are primarily used for carrying liquids such as water, tea, health drinks, and cold drinks from one place to another in a convenient way. The bottles are available in wide variety in the market with different material size, type, color, design, and shape. Easy availability, convenience and inexpensiveness of bottles have expanded the demand all over the world. Reusable water bottles have gained a surge of popularity with continuous drawbacks of bottled water such as recyclability, environmental friendly and hygienic affordability. The bottles are cost efficient and more environmentally friendly than disposable bottles. Reusable bottles are prepared with polycarbonate, co-polyester, polyethylene, steel, polypropylene, and aluminum, ensuring safety for the consumers. According to one of the study conducted in the U.S., 50 billion water bottles in the country are used annually, costing 17 million barrels of crude oil, out of which only 23% bottles are recycled. Furthermore, Australia recycles only 36% of PET plastic drink bottles. PDF Sample of the Report Market Analysis with Latest Growth Factors: Liquid measurability, drink spillage resistance, stirring drink without spoon, easy refill ability, easy substitution for plastic bottles, are considered to be few benefits associated with reusable bottles, thereby increasing the global demand. Furthermore, oil used in transportation, greenhouse gasses emitted, and plastic bottles thrown away, reducing pollution has been anticipated to diminish with the reusable water bottle applications. Rising demand for reusable bottles, particularly for sports and travel has intensified the growth across the globe. Besides, changing consumer lifestyle, preferences, and enhancement in the living standard owing to rise in personal disposable income especially in the emerging economies is expected to strengthen the growth over the forecast period. Additionally, consumer preferences have been shifted towards online shopping, further projected to compel the growth. Bottle manufacturers are constantly striving towards quality quotient as consumers preferences has been expected to increase over the forecast period. The overall improvement in the economy and the rising expenditure capacity of middle class population will lead to an increase demand in the market for high quality, convenient and superior, consumer goods. Manufacturers are also encouraged to improve products with supplementary features such as embedded infusers, mist sprayers. Obtain Report Details at

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