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Legend / Terms and Conditions (AGBs) 230V Operating voltage Swivelling 1W Wattage Lights incl. power supply unit = System performance Lights excl. power supply unit = LED chip performance Rotating 3000K Colour temperature in Kelvin 1000 Pendulum length in mm 310lm Luminous flux Ø 50 Ø Canopy in mm L 180 B 90 H 70 Length / width / height in mm On / Off IPxx IP protection class Dimmable inkl. incl. / excl. power supply unit DIM PWM Protection class I R.C Phase cut dimmable Protection class II 25° Beam angles Suitable for mounting on e.g. wood or wood-based materials 50 mm Cutting unit in mm + - UGR

Legend / Terms and Conditions (AGBs) GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BUSINESS AGBs) OF UNEX DAKOTA AG, 2016 Version 1 General matters 1.1 The legal relations between Unex Dakota AG and the orderer and/or purchaser (hereafter referred to as “Customer”) are first of all based on written agreements entered into in an individual instance. If no such differing individual agreements have been entered into, then these General Terms and Conditions (AGBs) constitute the exclusive basis for all transactions entered into between Unex Dakota AG and the Customer. Differing business or purchase conditions of the Customer or third parties are therefore only valid if and to the extent that they have been expressly acknowledged by Unex Dakota AG in writing. A Customer’s reference to its own terms and conditions of business is hereby expressly controverted by Unex Dakota AG. If the Customer disagrees with these rules, then it must promptly inform Unex Dakota AG in writing thereof. In the case of such a written objection thereto, Unex Dakota AG reserves the right to countermand its offers and deliveries without compensation therefor and without the Customer being able to derive claims of any kind whatsoever therefrom. 1.2 A contract is formed if Unex Dakota AG accepts the order of a Customer in writing, by fax, or electronically (order confirmation). Unex Dakota AG is free to reject orders without giving reasons therefor. 1.3 If one of the foregoing provisions should be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining contractual provisions remains unaffected thereby. Under such circumstances the meaning of the invalid provision is to be reinterpreted or supplemented so that the intended economic or legal purpose of the original provision is attained. 1.4 The current version of the AGBs replaces all previous ones. 2 Technical regulations 2.1 In the absence of an agreement to the contrary, Unex Dakota AG conforms to currently valid Swiss technical regulations. 2.2 The Customer is to ensure that it is in compliance with the relevant technical regulations at the place of use. If these differ from Swiss regulations, then at the time of placing its order the Customer is to request the necessary modifications in a detailed fashion and in writing. 3 Delivery conditions 3.1 In the absence of agreements to the contrary, delivery deadlines and dates are to be regarded as approximations. They are dependent on the availability of the products ordered at the plant of Unex Dakota AG in Zurich. 3.2 Delivery deadlines begin to run upon contract conclusion (Number 1.2) and as soon as any advance payments or securities have been undertaken, all technical issues have been cleared up, and any regulatory requirements have been met. 3.3 Delivery deadlines are extended as appropriate if the Customer does not meet or is late in meeting its duty of cooperation or payment or when delays occur due to force majeure, official measures, interruption of operations, defects in machinery, or because of delayed or incorrect supplies of raw materials, as well as semi-finished or finished articles. 3.4 If the Customer is behind in an advance payment or in a payment arising out of a prior delivery, then Unex Dakota AG is forthwith entitled to defer carrying out new orders or to hold them back in whole or in part until all past due payment obligations have been met. 3.5 If a certain delivery date is agreed upon, then Numbers 3.2 to 3.4 apply by analogy. 3.6 Late delivery does not entitle the Customer to a right to rescind or to any claims for a reduction of price or for damages (either direct or indirect). Any liability on the part of Unex Dakota AG or its auxiliary personnel is excluded to the extent statutorily permissible. 3.7 Unex Dakota AG is entitled to render partial deliveries. It is to bear any additional logistical costs incurred thereby unless these partial deliveries are undertaken due to the absence of cooperation or payments that are in arrears on the part of the Customer or are undertaken at the Customer’s wish. 3.8 Benefits and risks pass to the Customer as soon as the delivery and/or partial delivery is made available for pick-up by the Customer and/or its carrier at the Unex Dakota AG factory and the Customer has been informed of this date. 4 Prices and conditions of payment 4.1 Prices put forth by Unex Dakota AG in its catalogues and price lists, its web site, or in its online shop are suggested prices and as such are not binding. The right to changes in price, the range of goods, and to products themselves is reserved at all times. Orders, including those made using the online ordering system, as well as orders and “order confirmations” of the CUSTOMER, are to be regarded as mere offers up to the time of CONTRACT CONCLUSION. 4.2 Prices first become binding when put forth in a concrete offer or in an order confirmation. Unless other arrangements have been made in the offer or the letter accompanying it, then offers, at the longest, are valid for 3 months from the date of issue. If the Customer orders fewer items than put forth in the offer, then the right is reserved to impose reduced quantity or other surcharges. 4.3 All Unex Dakota AG prices are net (excluding VAT) ex-factory at Unex Dakota AG, in Zurich, Switzerland (“ex works,” in accordance with Incoterms 2010). 4.4 All costs associated with packaging, transport, insurance, public charges and fees (e.g. VAT, customs, export, passage in transit and other authorizations, etc.) are not included in prices and are to be borne by the Customer. If Unex Dakota AG advances these costs, they are to be reimbursed to it by the Customer. 4.6 If not agreed to otherwise, invoices are immediately due and to be paid by the Customer without any deductions. Unex Dakota AG retains the right to request partial or full advance payment. For private customers either prepayment by bank or PayPal applies. 4.7 Payment dates are also to be complied with if delivery, transport, pick-up or installation of the delivery is delayed or rendered impossible due to reasons for which Unex Dakota AG is not responsible. The same applies if individual products are missing or defective. 4.8 If a customer has several outstanding accounts, then Unex Dakota AG is entitled, notwithstanding instructions of the Customer to the contrary, to first credit the oldest outstanding account (s). 4.9 The Customer acknowledges that the use of any claims against Unex Dakota AG for advance payments or payments for deliveries is excluded. Excepted herefrom are Customer claims that have been expressly acknowledged in writing for purpose of set-offs by Unex Dakota AG or through the final determination of a court of law. 4.10 Default interest of 8% p.a. is to be paid by the Customer in the case of late payments, even without the giving of advance notice thereof. Upon CUSTOMER’S default in payment Unex Dakota AG is entitled to have collection undertaken by a third party at the Customer’s cost. Any objections concerning invoices are to be brought in writing within 14 calendar days of the receipt thereof, otherwise invoices are regarded as acknowledged. 4.11 Unex Dakota AG remains owner of the entire delivery until complete payment (including any ancillary costs and default payment interest). The buyer is not permitted to dispose of goods that are encumbered with reservation of ownership. In the case of attachment by third parties, especially by bailiffs, the buyer must give notice that Unex Dakota AG is the owner as well as promptly informing Unex Dakota AG thereof. 5 Notification of defects, warranty 5.1 The Customer, immediately after receipt of the products, is to carefully inspect them in regard to completeness (number of items), correctness (type), as well as for possible defects. Shipment with any transport damages are to be accepted subject to reservation and the relevant carrier is to be promptly notified for the purpose of establishing the facts of the case and the safeguarding of all rights. 5.2 Any quantity shortfalls, misdeliveries, and/or defects in the products delivered are to be promptly reported to Unex Dakota AG, however at the latest within 5 calendar days after delivery of the products to the Customer and/or its carrier at the plant of Unex Dakota AG. Such reports are to be in writing and precisely describe the ascertained discrepancies and/or defects. If such action has not been taken by the passing of this deadline (the receipt of this notification of defects by Unex Dakota AG is determinative) then the delivery is to be regarded as having been approved in regard to quantity shortfalls, misdeliveries, as well as apparent defects. 5.3 In regard to defects (so-called hidden defects) that cannot be detected even through careful inspection within the aforementioned inspection and notification deadline (Number 5.2), Unex Dakota AG issues a warranty for its products of 24 months from the time at which the delivery and/or partial delivery was made available by Unex Dakota AG for pick-up by the Customer and/or its carrier, the Customer having been informed of this date. The warranty is based on the intended use of the products within terms of their product specifications. The warranty for batteries is for one year as from the successful pick-up thereof and during this time period is limited to defects that can demonstrably be traced to flaws in materials, design, or construction on the part of Unex Dakota AG. 5.4 Any concealed defects are to be reported in detail and in writing to Unex Dakota AG within 5 days after their discovery. Upon the request of Unex Dakota AG the Customer is to place the product at the disposal thereof. The warranty covers defects that can demonstrably be traced to flawed manufacture, defective material, or the failure to comply with determinative and/or agreed- upon technical regulations (see Number 2 above). 5.5 Excluded from the warranty are instances of non-functioning or incorrect functioning that are due to use not in accordance with the provisions therefor, improper treatment or storage, failure to follow installation and operating instructions, manipulations undertaken on the product, insufficient maintenance, overloading or other excessive stress, damage caused by weather and other environmental factors, chemical electrolytic or electromagnetic influences, as well as interference by other products. In warranty cases Unex Dakota AG has a choice between replacing the defective product or parts thereof or granting the Customer a reduction in price. Any further liability of Unex Dakota AG or its auxiliary personnel is excluded to the extent permitted by law. In particular, neither the Customer nor third parties have claims to compensation for damages that were not incurred by the delivered product itself, such as programming, assembly, and installation costs, interruptions in production, loss of effectivity, lost profits or other direct or indirect damages and consequential harm caused by defects, namely direct as well as indirect damages to third parties that are caused through the incorrect functioning or non-functioning of the delivered product, etc. Likewise, there is no warranty for material upon which the CUSTOMER or third parties have made modifications or repairs or for which the assembly or operating instructions of the supplier were not complied with. Excluded from the guarantee are also lights and devices that were manufactured according to designs or models of the CUSTOMER, if the damages that arise are due to design errors. Moreover, if an examination or a modification of such material is requested by the Federal Heavy Current Inspectorate, then all costs resulting therefrom are to be borne by the CUSTOMER. With the exception of price reductions each guarantee requires that the defective material be packed and shipped postage paid to Unex Dakota AG. Please note the following information concerning the operational life of lights: the operational life of all lighting products depends on compliance with the standard operating conditions put forth in the technical data therefor. Lights are wear parts, for which the corresponding operational life varies greatly (1,000 to 60,000 hours) and can be greatly influenced by operating conditions. Information concerning the operational life of a light is undertaken in terms of operating hours (e.g. average operational life = 50,000 hours) and is ascertained under standardized conditions that may not be the same as those in practice. If the operational lifespan is given in terms of operating years, this is also based exclusively on assumed standard operating conditions (cycles of operation, ope- 17 245

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