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IOP1601/001 12 Week 9: Complete compulsory assignment 02 on myUnisa Instructions: This assignment is in the form of a blog, based on your graduateness scores. Complete compulsory Assignment 02 by: • Completing the graduateness scale (see additional resources on myUnisa) • Looking at your report (sheet 2 in the scale) to see which areas you need to develop • Uploading your completed report to your Drop box on myUnisa • Writing a Blog on myUnisa explaining how you plan on developing your graduateness skills based on your report (300 words minimum) • Make sure your blog is publicly viewable, otherwise you will get 0 for the assignment, as we cannot see it if it is not public • LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE MARKED Assignment 02 due on: 31 March (Semester 01 students) 31 August (Semester 02 students) 13 Week 10: Work through Chapter 19 Instructions: Work through Chapter 19 in prescribed book and complete the MCQs. After this, complete the Self-assessments and Additional Resources on myUnisa for Chapter 19. Discuss any content issues on the Discussion Forum. Chapter 19: Learning outcomes Instructions: After studying this chapter, you should have achieved the following outcomes. 51