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page 14 all prices include VAT BAHCO BLACK & DECKER EINHELL FAITHFULL GROUNDWORK FISKARS ROUGHNECK 2500W Blower Vacuum High performance suction for the rapid removal of stubborn wet garden debris combined with a high performance shredder with a mulch ratio of 10 to 1. Includes a 40L collection bag with a large opening for easy emptying and a handy carry strap. 310km/h blowing speed. WAS £79.99 Now £49.99 Large Garden Leaf Rake 65cm head with 27 tines and a traditional lacquered wooden handle. Total length: 173.5cm. B/DGW2500 WAS £23.99 Now £19.99 FSK1001584 All-Purpose Garden Broom Lightweight aluminium shaft makes the broom easy and comfortable to use. Ideal for year round cleaning and many tidying applications around the garden. Working width: 38cm. POWERFUL £30 OFF! SAVE £5 WAS £17.99 Now £12.99 FSK1003467 All Steel Shovels (No.2) All steel solid shovels with MYD handles. Made from carbon manganese steel for extra strength. WAS £21.99 Now £14.99 Ea FAIASS2MYD (Square) FAIAST2MYD (Taper) SAVE £7 ROU68004 (Round) ROU68006 (Square) £8 SAVING 2.43Kg (5.3lb) Splitting Axe with Fibreglass Handle Ideal for splitting large logs. Length: 722mm. Ultra light FiberComp handle minimises fatigue. £25 OFF FSK122483 WAS £74.99 Now £49.99 Micro Shovels Ideal for use in confined spaces, snow or off-road emergencies. 14-gauge industrial strength steel blade. Lightweight fibreglass handle with power rings for strong blade to handle connection. WAS £17.99 Now £9.99 Each Bowsaw with Gloves and 2 Extra Blades Each pack contains a bowsaw, 2 extra blades (1 wet cut and 1 dry cut) plus a pair of work gloves. Lightweight yet heavy-duty bowsaws for all round use. Integrated, ergonomic handles with built in hand guards for knuckle protection. Fitted with dry cutting blades. The 53cm (21”) bowsaw has a pointed nose for better access in tight areas. WAS £47.99 (21”) WAS £49.99 (24”) Now £19.99 Each BAH21BOWPK - 53cm (21”) BAH24BOWPK - 61cm (24”) BETTER THAN HALF PRICE! 41cc Petrol Chainsaw Robust 35cm chainsaw for felling trees, debranching and sawing logs etc. The chain is easy to tension and change without the need for tools. Both the bar and chain are made by Oregon. Chain brake and hand guard safety features. Supplied with a petrol/oil mixing bottle, rasp, blade cover and spark plug spanner. £50 SAVING EINGHPC1535T WAS £152.99 Now £99.99

FAITHFULL FISKARS ROUGHNECK all prices include VAT & MAINTENANCE page 15 2.6Kg (5.7lb) Splitting Axe with Fibreglass Handle The long shaft produces more force for heavy splitting tasks. Length: 915mm. Ultra light FiberComp handle minimises fatigue. WAS £76.99 Now £49.99 FSK122503 £9 OFF 5.4 x 3.6m (18 x12ft) Green/Silver Tarpaulin Double-sided reusable waterproof cover with metal eyelets. Laminated woven polyethylene with a heat sealed, poly rope reinforced hem. WAS £19.49 Now £9.99 ROU64402 OVER £25 OFF FAITARP1812 £8 OFF Loggers’ Mate Lightweight, easy to assemble sturdy saw bench. Folds flat for easy storage and transportation. Vice-like grip ideal for cutting logs, branches, timber, fence posts and beams etc. Maximum timber weight: 150Kg. Maximum timber dimensions: 50 to 240mm diameter by 4m long. WAS £114.99 Now £69.99 £45 OFF ROU65690 4.54Kg (10lb) Fibreglass Sledge Hammer with FREE Wood Grenade (worth £20) The heads are manufactured from drop forged alloy steel hardened and tempered with 8-sided 45° chamfered precision milled edges and then bonded with an industrial grade epoxy for a longer lasting bond to a solid core fibreglass handle. The handle has a polypropylene cover and double injected TPR soft-grip handle with integral overstrike protection. WAS £53.99 Now £39.99 ROU65633AV £14 SAVING £17 SAVING 200 x 100mm (8 x 4”) Mutt Multi- Scraper Heat treated roll forged steel blade with bevelled cutting edge for durability and clean cutting, which can be re-sharpened to maintain its cutting edge. It also has a polished tip for easy cleaning. Wooden handle: 940mm (36”) with D grip. WAS £36.99 Now £19.99 ROU64393 228 x 178mm (9 x 7”) Big Mutt Multi- Scraper Heat treated roll forged steel blade with bevelled cutting edge for durability and clean cutting. The blade can be re-sharpened to maintain the cutting edge and has a polished tip for easy cleaning. Wooden handle: 1380mm (54”). £15 OFF WAS £44.99 Now £29.99 ROU64396 Gorilla Bar Twin Pack (14”+22”) Gorilla bars; the shape makes the difference! Most popular size twin pack! Low profile claw fits further under the workpiece for increased prying power and a wider claw surface offers better control and resists sinking into the support surface. Made from drop forged hardened and tempered alloy steel which is oval in shape for better control and strength. WAS £23.49 Now £14.99

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