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Scenarios and Patterns for Regiobranding – Rural-urban Territories in the Metropolitan Region Hamburg

ISBN 978-3-86859-510-9

Messtischblätter der

Messtischblätter der Preussischen Landesaufnahme (18771915) 1:25000, referenced to © Geobasis-DE/L VermGeo MV NI SH 2015 ALKIS, ATKIS, DTK5 1000 m Historical map The Prussian Cartographic Survey shows the zoom Kalkhorst at the end of the nineteenth century: it is clear that the composition and textures of settlement, landscape, and infrastucture have not been altered deeply since then, apart from the new extensions in settlement areas of the village Karlhorst and near the manor of Gross Schwansee. 232 Z OOM

Kalkhorst [JM, RP] Dimensions of the space Coast forests Infrastructure grid Agricultural landscape Water occurence Network of settlement Qualities of space at the Baltic Sea coast © Julia Maretzki and Rosa Pankarter, for Regionales Bauen und Siedlungsplanung LUH Z OOM 233