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Scenarios and Patterns for Regiobranding – Rural-urban Territories in the Metropolitan Region Hamburg

ISBN 978-3-86859-510-9

Scenarios The scenario-building for the LübeckNordwestmecklenburg Focus Region looks at different perspectives of development of the area utilising three main factors that have not yet been fully valued. The perspectives also relate to different scales of reference and intervention. The first factor— “NorthSouth”—is the possible connection of the area along the northsouth European infrastructure axis, with consequent advantages in terms of economic and spatial development along the line, but also with positive influences on the suburban and rural areas to the south of Lübeck. The second element—“Polarities”—is the attraction factor of centres such as Lübeck, Wismar, and Schwerin. They represent special polarities at the regional scale and constitute a strong territorial background against which an enlarged development perspective connected to the Hamburg Metropolitan Region can be envisaged, relying also on innovative impulses in the suburban towns around the poles. The third factor—“Along the Coast”—is the spatial, landscape, and cultural richness and quality of inner rural areas and small towns in Mecklenburg as natural and economic resources along the Baltic coastline. They can be understood as a premise for major cooperation with Lübeck, fostering tourism but also turning this peripheral territory into an attractive habitat for (new) residents. [MF] 276 SCENARIOS

Overlap of the explorative scenarios for the LübeckNordwestmecklenburg Focus Region © Regionales Bauen und Siedlungsplanung LUH SCENA RIOS 277