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4 The Knight Times Features Rush without the stress ELLIOTT JONES Staff Writer As seniors continue to finalize their acceptances to colleges and universities across the country, one thing that might be on some of their minds is getting into the sorority or fraternity of their choice in the fall. This process, ensuring membership and great friends for life, is especially specific, more so for sororities than fraternities. Fraternity rush is a more informal process. While every school has a formal fraternity recruitment period, there often are more informal practices prior to the beginning of the school year. Boys should consult the Interfraternity Council at their school of choice for more information. Sorority recruitment is much more involved. First, consult your college choice website to read about and register for rush, usually through a Panhellenic Council. Each year at the end of February, Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association holds a round table discussion of the recruitment process for high school seniors who are prospective sorority members. Although it has already taken place this year, the following is suggested information to prepare a packet for sorority recruitment. The first step is to get photos taken. While this may sound odd, sororities want to know who will walk through their doors so that they can recognize and greet you. These photos do not have to be professionally taken, but they must represent you well. Two to three photos are recommended, including one headshot and one full body photo. Make sure to put your name, high school, future university, hometown, and year in school, usually freshman. The photos should be printed, not digital. You will add these to your resume and letters of support. The second step is to start organizing your social resume. This should include everything from your academic standings and success in high school to extracurricular activities. Let these sororities know your best qualities and how you are different from the other recruits. You also need to list your sorority legacy information. Although the term “legacy” varies among sororities based on whether they count aunts and cousins, make sure to put any and all family members. The third step is to include a copy of your high school transcript. Make sure to add any ACT or SAT scores if they are not already on it. The fourth step is to find an alumna (or sponsor) from each sorority to write a reference information form (RIF) or a recommendation letter (REC). She will send this form either to the local Recruitment Chairman of her sorority or directly to your university. If you are still undecided, she will then put a note on your RIF/REC of the schools you are considering. If you decide soon after that, contact her immediately. In case that you have decided to change schools after having already sent in your RIF/REC, make a new packet with these forms and contact all of your sorority sponsors. The fifth step is to have a letter of support from a close alumna (friend or relative) of one of your considered sororities. While this is optional for some sororities, it is important to choose someone who will write great things about you and will also get a little more personal than what is in your RIF/REC. Make sure that you do not send more than two or three of these letters from the same sorority to your sponsor to include in your packet. The sixth and final step is to have a clean social network. Although members of the sororities are not supposed to contact you on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook before the recruitment process, there is a good chance that they will look you up. Security settings, sharing personal information, private photos, and accepting friends are all things these sororities consider during the recruitment process. Make sure to add any of your accounts to your resume. Note that all universities have their own way of recruiting and forms they want. These steps are just an outline of what most would like to see. For examples of resumes, sorority requirements, and more information about the process, go to www. or contact sorority alumni. LAUREN PORTER Editor-in-Chief El rodeo es un evento muy popular del Houston. Cada año, hay un cantante o una banda hispana que actúa para “El Día de Go Tejano.” El Día de Go Tejano tiene muchos actividades aparte del concierto. Otras actividades incluyen un concurso de mariachi y Fiesta Charra. La Fiesta Charra tiene música y baile tradicional de México. Este año, la banda Calibre 50 actuó para El Día de Go Tejano. Sus canciones más populares son “Siempre Te Voy a Querer,” “Corrido de Juanito,” y “Amor del Bueno.” En general, El Día de Go Tejano fue una celebración de la cultura y la música hispana. PRESTON WITT Staff Writer Good evening, my fellow pupils. I hope that everyone had an exciting and/or relaxing Spring Break. As our seniors are ready to take their first steps in graduating from EHS, I hope they will be able to look back and reflect on their careers and the legacies they leave with these intelligent questions. What was your favorite moment? EHS SPEAKS OUT How do you Stand Out? Your Spanish Corner A Complete and Utter Lack of Witt Calibre 50 performed at the Rodeo for Go Tejano Day on March 11 to close out the day of fun festivities. Go Tejano Day offered a mariachi competition and displays of traditional Mexican dance and culture. Photo courtesy of Will you continue to play Fortnite even with the academic workload in college? If you could change anything about what you did at EHS, what would it be? Will you be dropping at Loot Lake or Tilted Towers? If you could tell your freshman self something before your high school career even started, what would you tell him or her? TANNER FOX “Good sense of humor” NICOLE HOPWOOD “My hair” HARRIS INOFF “My large cabeza” IMAN LLOYD “I’m loud” MR. MICHAEL “Being myself and embracing my strengths and shortcomings” LEANN DROMGOOLE “Sports” MAX MADISON “My laugh” TYLER DONOVAN “My personality” OMAR DENMON “My smile” MRS. WATTS “Oldest coach in SPC besides Coach Leisz”

Academics Math Club celebrates Pi Day ANNA MOISE Guest Writer The Math Club’s Pre Pi Day Celebration on March 9, 2018 attracted students and faculty with a selection of sweets and math contests. From cookies to bundt cakes to brownies with pi’s on them, the Math Club went full force to celebrate Pi Day. Members of the Math Club participated by bringing delicious baked goods, prizes for the contest, and decorations for the tables, or they manned the booth during 5A and 5B lunches. Two of the three tables had a range of items for sale to support the Math Club and Mu Alpha Theta. The last table housed a selection of games, puzzles, and math problems, all of which contributed to the math contest. Sponsor of the Math Club, Dr. Papakonstantinou and many other club members wore their new Math Club shirts to celebrate mathematics as well. Thank you to all those who participated in the Pre Pi Day Celebration, whether you supported the bake sale, completed a math test, or helped out at the booth. The Knight Times 5 Pillar leadership positions open in a variety of areas GABRIELLE DUCOTE Staff Writer As spring approaches, Episcopal has many opportunities for students to obtain leadership positions. This is a time for students to participate in unique activities to challenge themselves and become involved in the community. There are many ways students can embody leadership on campus, such as becoming a student speaker, joining an honor society, participating in SOS, or running for a student officer position. As a time to step up and promote leadership, this is also a great time to stand out as EHS students. Future seniors have the opportunity to share their personal stories as senior speakers and inspire their fellow classmates. Class registration gives students the ability to apply for AP or honors classes that will stretch their thinking and test their strengths and weaknesses academically. It also is a time to participate in arts classes to expand interests and experiences. National Honor Society is an elite group that supports and awards those with advanced academic achievement. Similarly, National Arts Honor Society, one of the most successful and widely recognized associations on campus, honors those who are impressively sophisticated in their talents within the arts. In the Religion Pillar, acolyte positions are opening up and roles within the Chapel Committee are available for student applications. The Students of Service (SOS) association on campus is accepting applications for leadership positions for specific projects that the group takes on. Student Senate and Student Council are also looking for Knights to take office and participate in next year’s student government. Math Club leads an amazing Pi Day celebration full of pies, candy, and cakes! Ellie Ragiel, Anna St. Denis, Sarah Andrews, and Bronwyn Walsh helped during the event. Image courtesy of Dr. Papakonstantinou. AP tests quickly approaching PATRICK BAYOUTH Staff Writer The AP program at Episcopal includes 22 classes with hundreds of EHS students taking them. Many of us have questions.. What should we do? As practice AP tests and actual AP tests quickly approach, many students have begun frantically studying for these extremely important college credit exams. There is a wide variety of AP classes offered at Episcopal High School, which gives students opportunities to push their limits and possibly earn a college credit in the process. Aside from the college credit, an AP course can help a student become a better, more efficient studier and put together a more appealing transcript for colleges. Taking an AP class in high school and passing the AP test leads to not having to take that class in college, therefore saving money and time. By passing an AP course, you will not have to take that class ever again. The amount of stress they bring may seem daunting, yet these courses are an investment for each student’s future. They can make college both more manageable and fun at the same time. For those getting ready for the upcoming AP tests, here are a few study tips: 1. Get a good night’s sleep before the test. 2. Eat a good breakfast. 3. Cramming does not work. Good luck to all students taking AP tests this year. Leadership opportunities are great ways to meet other students and excel in a certain category. Leadership positions are encouraged to all students, as leaders are taught responsibility and how to work with others. Image courtesy of Code Wars computer programming contests challenge young developers Computer science students Aidan Stewart, Alexandra Herrera, Kenneth Pereira, Sam Lee, and Sam Elmer competed in a Code Wars competition recently, a computer programming team challenge. Photo courtesy of EHS website. Taking AP courses can be challenging, but also beneficial when preparing students for college. Image courtesy of DANIEL DAVIS Staff Writer The competition known as Code Wars is a computer-programming contest for high school students around Houston. The competition has been hosted on Hewlett-Packard’s campus in Houston for 15 years. Over the past four years, the competition has been hosted across the world in cities such as Austin, Bangalore, Palo Alto, Roseville, and Taipei. Recently, students in Mr. Alan Duncan’s computer science class competed in this competition. The students include Daniel Kai, Sam Elmer, Kenneth Pereira, and Sam Lee who used their skills and knowledge from class to participate in the annual CodeWars competition. In 2015, the competition expanded to Barcelona and Newcastle. With this event quickly growing in popularity and publicity, it is spreading in more cities each year. No Code Wars event is complete without a wide array of attractions: wide ranges of programming challenges, plenty of food, music, a high-tech feel, and an abundance of giveaways. Junior Jackson Williams added, “The high schoolers enjoy the competitive and stimulating environment.” The energetic atmosphere pushes the students to learn and compete. At the conclusion of the CodeWars competition, the top two teams are awarded trophies in addition to prizes such as computers, software, monitors, and many other accessories.

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