6 months ago

Workers Compensation: A Walk down the Memory Lane

Let’s take a quick glimpse of how such laws came into existence and feel the gratitude for those who never gave up the good fight.

Move towards Modern Laws

Move towards Modern Laws Though with time worker compensation was forgotten entirely and only remained in history as a great Lord’s merciful trait, the move towards modern compensation laws originated from Prussia. It was under the prodigious direction from Otto von Bismarck that led towards modern day compensation laws for workers. Due to his convictions and stern pragmatism, he was able to pull off what can be said as the first modern system to reflect worker’s compensation by supporting Worker’s Accident Insurance of 1884 and formulating it into existence.

Emergence in the United States With the majority of European countries taking heed of the Prussian renaissance, it was in 1897 when the parliament finally passed the Worker’s Compensation Act. This would mean that the United States was now open to suggestion regarding her answer towards the changing times. However what moved the nation was a compelling work of literature in the form of a novel called ‘The Jungle’ by Upton Sinclair in 1906. This sparked an unstoppable movement within the nation which finally led towards the enactment of the first compensation law for workers in Wisconsin during 1911. Enlightenment soon spread across the nation and within 36 years, all states have unanimously agreed to pass their own laws for worker’s compensation, with Mississippi being the last state to do so in 1948.