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GRANBY HISTORY THIS MONTH IN GRANBY HISTORY BY KEN KUHL GRANBY April 4, 1793 — At aspecial Town Meeting holden in Salmon Brook Society on the 4 day of Apriel 1793 Asahel Holcomb Esqr Moderator upon the aCount of apetitionfor a devision of sd Town of Granby for two Destinct Towns: It was voted that they would not Devide sd Town. The “civil union” between Granby and East Granby was never a completely happy alliance. As early as 1793 an effort was made to have East Granby set off as a separate town, because Granby, with the help of the voters of Copper Hill, changed the rule under which the town meeting was to be held only once every three years at "Turkey Hills." East Granby was eventually incorporated in 1858. The would-be “secessionists” tried seven times, from 1793 to 1857, to petition the Connecticut State Assembly to create a town separate from Granby. Over the years, most of the citizens who petitioned for separation were those east of the Metacomet Ridge, and even though the people who lived west of Peak Mountain (in the Copper Hill section) did not want to separate, their land and their grand list were necessary to create a viable town with a sound economic base. The reason given in all the petitions was similar. The signers from Turkey Hills insisted they had little in common with the people of Salmon Brook. They complained about the long distance they had to travel to town meetings and said the road over the “mountain” was often impassable. In 1820 and 1823 the citizens of Salmon Brook even agreed and voted to approve the creation of a new town. However, the state assembly decided that the inconvenience suffered by Turkey Hills residents was no worse than what many other Connecticut citizens faced when attending town meetings. Ultimately, the citizens of East Granby prevailed due to economic inequities. Salmon Brook had over double the population of Turkey Hills, but the taxable value of their property was only slightly higher. Since two out of three town meetings were held in Granby, plus the larger block of voters, the folks of Turkey Hills were at a permanent disadvantage. Further, Granby’s terrain was more hilly and thus the cost of maintaining the roads was disproportionably greater. The greatest injustice came in 1856, when a new state law was passed mandating that school board members would be elected by the voters at large. Previously, each “society” had complete autonomy over its own schools, including studies, books, disciplinary policies, the distribution of funds, and the formation of rules and regulations. When the final resolution of incorporation was submitted, the name “Turkey Hills” was crossed out and the name “Fremont” was inserted. John Charles Fremont had unsuccessfully run against James Buchanan in 1856. The folks of Turkey Hills did not like the “Fremont” name, and when John J. Viets submitted his successful petition, he specified the name “East Granby.” CONNECTICUT April 1793 — The cornerstone of the South College is laid in Yale’s Old Campus. UNITED STATES April 22, 1793 — The proclamation of “neutrality” is announced formally by President George Washington on April 22, 1793, declaring the United States neutral regarding the French Revolution. WORLD April 1793 — The Bank of England issues the first five-pound note. Ken Kuhl is a board member of the Salmon Brook Historical Society in Granby. Sample Our Latest Brew Award Winning Beers Hand Crafted on Site LIVE MUSIC MOST WEEKENDS! Visit our website or facebook page for complete schedule & special events. Lunch: Tues, Wed, & Sun 11:30am-4pm | Dinner till 9pm 860-653-2739 357 Salmon Brook St., Granby CT BAR OPEN LATE Lunch: Thur, Fri & Sat 11:30am-4pm | Dinner til 10pm 16 | APRIL 2018

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