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Brochure Novatech 2018 DEL Windows & Doors

From entrance door to patio door.

Making a Plan step 2

Making a Plan step 2 Design your entrance Three configurations for a bright entryway Your front entrance reflects your home’s personality and character. The same entrance can bring together elements from different styles, based on your taste and personal aesthetic. Take the time to look at our options and choose the products that best represent you. From rich and classic styles to open and clean designs, Novatech offers three themes to help you with your selection: Chic, Pure Chic and Pure. Chic Choose an eye-catching grandiose entrance. A stained glass doorglass paired with its matching sidelites and transom will illuminate your home. This Chic high-end entrance will add beauty and value to your property. Orleans steel door and sidelite planels p.25. Liano 22" × 48" doorglass and 8" × 48" sidelites p.85. Sidelites & transom configurations 1 2 3 1 2 3 Work with your front entrance’s dimensions and openings to make it your own. Transform it to reflect your personal aesthetic, and get the level of privacy and light you want. Single door with or without transom For a contemporary style and lots of light, replace your transom with an 84" or 95" door (3). For a simple arrangement, you can’t go wrong by pairing a single door with a decorative transom (2). Single door with sidelite, with or without transom If your entry is the right size and shape, a door with a sidelite and a transom is always a safe option (2). For more impact, go with an 84" or 95" door and a sidelite (3). 12 | Novatech 2018

Making a Plan Pure Chic Pair your doorglass with textured glass in your sidelites to make it stand out. The sophisticated Pure Chic style is refreshing, echoing the clean lines of contemporary designs. Orleans steel door p.25. Liano 22" × 48" doorglass p.85. Chinchilla glass 13 7/8" × 79" sidelites p.38. Pure A minimalist approach geared for comfort and the creation of a luminous space without compromise. Multiple textured glass options are available, depending on the level of privacy desired. A Pure entrance will add a touch of elegance and contribute to the architectural balance of your home. Orleans steel door p.25. Chinchilla glass 22" × 48" doorglass and 13 7/8" × 79" sidelites p.38. 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 Single door with sidelites, or double doors Achieve a rich and classic look with double doors (2) or with two sidelites (1). Give your entrance a bold, contemporary look with an oversized sidelite (3). Single door with sidelites and a transom or double doors with a transom An 84" or 95" door is sure to impress. If you like a minimalist look, go with an oversized sidelite ( 3 & 4). Classic? Stick with two sidelites or a transom above double doors ( 1 & 2). | 13