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Diary (4)

DAY 2 We woke up in the

DAY 2 We woke up in the morning and had breakfast.We decided to go on the ski slope.I built a snowman with one of my friends.It was very beautiful and we were very happy.It was a very beautiful and warm day. We had fun all day until the evening came and interrupted our fun.In the evening we had dinner ata restaurant in the area .It was a wonderful day.

DAY 3 Today we decided to go visiting the tourist attractions in the area.We were in Brasov so we visited the Black Church ,a great religious and historical touristic spot / attraction where history speaks its word.It was built by the German community of the city and stands as the main Gothic style monument in the country, as well as being the largest and one of the most important Lutheran (Evangelical Church of Augustan Confession in Romania) places of worship in the region.

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