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Bringing Quality &

Bringing Quality & Variety - Straight to Your Door. The Highest Quality Products Your needs are our top priority. Benary+ is committed to producing the highest quality unrooted cuttings of bedding plants, perennials and other specialty crops. Our production facilities use the most modern greenhouse technology in a strictly controlled environment, earning us an “A Grade” status at MPS. This assures that you will receive only the highest quality, healthy plants at your door. A computer-assisted quality assurance and logistics system makes it possible for you to receive your orders reliably and on time. Exclusive Varieties We know that you need to differentiate your products from the rest. We strive to offer our customers the newest and most efficient varieties available. To assure their performance in both production and the field, we trial and test each for several years in our Plant Breeding and Information Center and field trials.

5 INTRODUCING KENTALYA Bedding Plants 2019 Introducing Kentalya: our mother stock facility. Kentalya, our production facility for vegetative cuttings, in Naivasha, Kenya, spans 70 acres and employs over 900 full time and seasonal workers. It is the dedication of these talented people that make our production so successful. Kentalya uses the highest sanitation standards possible. All stock plants are renewed annually out of virus-tested elite TC stock from our own labs. This clean mother stock is the foundation for production of our reliable, disease-free cuttings that meet the highest North American quality standards. It is our promise that your plants receive the best care from our greenhouse to your door. employees to explore the internet or check e-mail, and soccer fields are a favorite resource for fun and recreation. There is even a Kentalya owned dairy farm to provide employees with nutritious milk at cost. Let us bring a taste of East Africa to your greenhouse by supplying you with some of the best cuttings the industry has to offer. We guarantee your growing business more beauty, more choices and more smiles! It is a priority of our management team to give back to our Kentalya employees and the people of Kenya. We offer an on-site kindergarten for our employee’s children to attend. The nurses on staff care for our employees and provide necessary vaccinations. A computer room is available for

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