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Museuly to disrupt unknown museums and attractions

Museuly to disrupt unknown museums and

Login Sign Up Like Share Sign Up to see w hat your friends like. Online platform Museuly aims to digitize unknown things to do worldwide Andrew Gorh museuly Copenhagen, Denmark Contact Email Visit Our Website PressReleasePing - April 09, 2018 -Copenhagen, Denmark - Museuly - online marketplace for things to do - aims to open unknown attractions and museums to millions of travelers. “Things to do” industry is seeing quite a rapid growth in recent times. However, still more than 80% of all museums, attractions don’t have a proper digital solution in place - either for booking tickets online or for digital marketing. Most travel websites cover only most well-known spots, while thousands of fantastic, but less known attractions and museums are left behind. Museuly - "things to do" start-up - wants to bring attention to these unknown tourist places and open them for travelers around the world. A lot of websites focus on most well-known tourist spots in New York or London, while Museuly wants to bring more visitors to maybe less-known, but not less great places. And they are away from crowds. Convert webpages or entire websites to PDF - PDFmyURL!

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