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improvement* Tax

improvement* Tax return/supporting documents Form 8606 Locked filing cabinet Locked filing cabinet 4. Tax Documents Store in: Shred after: Give copies to: Bank statements Locked filing cabinet Seven years NA Canceled checks Locked filing cabinet Seven years NA Credit card statements Locked filing cabinet Seven years NA Home purchase/ Locked filing cabinet Seven years af- NA ter home is sold Seven years after filing date Seven years after IRA is liquidated *deeds, surveys, title policies, blueprints, loan papers, receipts, etc. 5. Investment Documents Store in: Shred after: Give copies to: Annuity contracts Locked filing cabinet Annuity paid out Financial advisor Loan agreements Locked filing cabinet Ten years after loan is repaid NA Pension plan documents Real Estate purchase/improvements Investment account statements Keeping these records stored safely, where you and others can find them, can save you time and greatly increases the likelihood that they will not get lost. If you need help collecting and understanding these documents, contact your financial advisor. NA NA Locked filing cabinet Never discard Financial advisor Locked filing cabinet Locked filing cabinet Seven years after property is sold Seven years after last investment held in account is sold NA NA 10

Location of Important Papers Adoption certificates_______________________________________________ Annuities________________________________________________________ Bank book, check book_____________________________________________ Bank monthly statements___________________________________________ Birth certificates__________________________________________________ Bonds__________________________________________________________ Business agreements or contracts____________________________________ Cancelled checks_________________________________________________ Certificates of deposit______________________________________________ Credit cards_____________________________________________________ Death certificates_________________________________________________ Divorce Documentation____________________________________________ Drivers Licenses__________________________________________________ Federal and State Income Tax Returns________________________________ Fraternal and trade societies with benefits provided______________________ Household financial records_________________________________________ Insurance policies_________________________________________________ List of people to whom you owe money, and terms_______________________ List of people who owe money to you, with notes________________________ Location of safes and combinations___________________________________ Marriage certificates_______________________________________________ Medical records__________________________________________________ Military service records, including serial number________________________ Mutual funds_____________________________________________________ Medical records__________________________________________________ Notes Payables/ Receivables_______________________________________ Other investment statements________________________________________ 11

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