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industrial design course in pune

Scope of Industrial

Scope of Industrial Design ‣Industrial design engineers are actively involved in designing, modeling, testing and producing prototypes. ‣Industrial design refers to the process in which the product or its components are modified or improved so as to yield better results. ‣The aim of the industrial design services is to make the product equally beneficial for both the user and the manufacturer who produces it. ‣The electronics industry is one of the main fields which make use of the industrial design services to the maximum. The industrial electronics design services are on the rise, with the increase in competition. ‣Industrial designing concentrates equally on the usability and physical appearance of the product. Mobile No. +91-7767904499 | E-mail :- |

Job Duties of Industrial Designer ‣Industrial designers are responsible for the look of many of the products bought, used and consumed every day. ‣It is the job of an industrial designer to create, plan and style manufactured goods, including automobiles, household products, food packaging, consumer electronics and medical equipment. ‣An industrial designer considers the usability, ergonomics and aesthetics of common mass-produced items and works to improve the design, function, engineering and marketing of these items. ‣Industrial designers are responsible for the familiar look of brands and products like Jeep, iPods and the Coke bottle. Mobile No. +91-7767904499 | E-mail :- |

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