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My hope in publishing

My hope in publishing this book is to start a fire that will burn down the established scholastic protocols, get back to true science and research, and open the doors to be able to go where the science is leading. I want to see the churches that sponsor schools and home schooler’s institute this as a textbook (Vol I & II) that is required reading for all high school students. I want Christian parents to read this and be able to obtain knowledge to relay to their kids as they grow up and to put it into their hands to read (and study) as they enter their high school years. I would like to see this being taught in Christian colleges, Sunday schools, special classes, and as a topic at home meetings in churches around the world. THE INTRODUCTION The goal of secular humanists is to free humanity from the "religious bonds" that they feel are the cause of the evils in the world (e.g., The Greek and Roman pantheon of gods, the Catholic Church in the Dark Ages, the wars caused by the Islamic faith since the conception down through history to the present). It is in their theology that anything in science or politics that ties society to any form of "religion" is to be quenched, severed, and denied at all cost; included in this cost is truth, facts, and freedom of thought. Richard Dawkins’s “The God Delusion”, Sam Harris’s essay “Science Must Destroy Religion”, and what Wall Street Journal calls “Militant Atheism” all emphasize this mandate. Humanism predicates its theology on an assumption that there is no God or spiritual realm of influence in our physical world, only the material world which can be discerned through science alone. This is a blind assumption. As no one can prove whether there is a spiritual world or not, the humanists proceed based on blind faith. Being that humanism is based on faith in a belief system and not empirical scientific data, it too is a religious belief. Secular humanism, which is a religious faith, has influenced the tenets of science by interjecting its theology into the dictates of science. Secular humanists believe that there is only the material realm. They reject any possibility of the existence of a coinciding spiritual world or a creator over creation and demand strict adherence to a materialistic approach to all facets of life (science, politics, morality, etc.). As such, they adhere to a negative argument as they cannot prove any of their suppositions and therefore have to "believe by faith" that there is no God or spiritual world. To this end they have established a scientific tenet (a principle referred to as "methodological naturalism" or "methodological materialism") that no scientific argument is permitted to invoke "intelligent design" as the cause of any effect in nature or the physical realm. This tenet has no place in science! Just like we were subject to the religious authorities (the Catholic Church) in the medieval Dark Ages, we are now subject to the religious authorities (secular humanists) in this new, modern day Dark Age. If such a scientific tenet were true, then true scientific interrogation should ultimately prove it so, and therefore it is not required to be set as a boundary marker. If such a scientific tenet were true, then all scientific research would return a physical explanation for all inquiry and hence debunk the fallacy of such rationale. As it stands in today's scientific environment, this tenet demands that scientific interrogation be compromised in order to adhere to its humanistic religious faith, regardless of where the scientific research leads to, overruling true scientific inquiry and accepting the hall mark of hollow (pseudo) science to conform to today's humanist beliefs. It is time to put a stop to operating within this faith-based pseudoscience! The majority of society’s secular community naturally falls in line with humanist teachings, which are found in all areas of today's culture. This community includes the well-educated and those not so well educated, such as the general public and the illiterate. They are not specialists in these areas, so they trust in the secular humanist specialist, the vanguard or shepherds, to be their defenders. Any half-truth or inaccurate article issued in the press or philosophy teaching in academia questioning the authenticity of the Bible is taken at face value. These anti-religious factions can say just about anything they want to because they know for the most part it will not be questioned. Any creation or intelligent design based publication, book, or article that comes out in public debate will be quickly addressed and suppressed by the shepherds of the faith, referencing these pseudoscientific backed publications that will be bought by the general public. Most will not follow the volley of rebuttals, feeling euphoric that the responses were adequate, technical, based on true empirical data, and well within scientific fundamentals. There is so much corroborating evidence to support the biblical account of history that it is virtually without contest unless you want to live in a make-believe world that is free from any hint of biblical inference. If you choose to ignore the truth and facts then you choose to live in a make-believe world with no true history and no real future. Reality will not sustain hopes based on idealistic thinking and ad hoc theories that have no basis in truth. Based on Occam's Razor, the following can be reasonably concluded from the face value of the evidence:

1) The major portion of the evidence for advanced civilizations appear in the historical record about the time of creation (4000 BC) as can be determined in the biblical genealogies, considering the margin of error of dating methods in the minor portion of cases; hence, the authors of the bible were accurate in their records of this event 1, 16. 2) Based on the overwhelming number of cave drawings, stories of dragons (dinosaurs) and thunderbirds, art, and drawings on textiles and pottery from every nation and part of the world, it can be concluded that men have lived contemporary with the dinosaurs11, 12, 13,. 3) Earth strata was formed instantaneously as a result of catastrophic events, as evidenced in the science of rock formation. Fossiliferous rock requires quick burial and great pressures to form, which makes up 90% of the earth's strata. If it was laid down in an instance then the mass of each laminar strata (some covering several states and a few from Mexico to Canada) could have only been moved from an oceanic basin by a force on the scale of a global Flood. These elements are seen in models we have from local catastrophic events such as Mount St Helen 9. 4) Noah's Flood is supported by the evident demarcation in world cultures and character traits of civilization in about 2500 to 2350 BC as evidenced in history, ancient writings, and by the sciences of both genomics and archeology 16, 17, 18. 5) The decaying magnetosphere is congruent to where it should be if it had started at the time of creation, if you extrapolate backwards based on the current decay rate along an expected exponential curve14. 6) The physical facts and evidence in nature showing the entropy of all things supports creation theory in its basic applications in all scientific arenas 8, 9, 14. 7) Archeological patterns of evidence are being discovered nearly every day, revealing names, places, and chronology as recorded in the Bible, confirming the biblical history that was once said to be a myth 1, 19, 20. 8) The numerous ancient writings with some excerpts of the stories of Creation, the gods, the long lives, the Flood, Noah and his sons, and the Babel event are found in every Kings List, national history, cultural genealogy, and epic tale written before 1800 BC, collaborating the purer biblical account1, 11, 13. 9) The appearance of the completely novel fossils in the Cambrian and later strata with no previous or post intermediates as found and collaborated in all the multiple discoveries since Darwin's time was the result of intelligent design for the lack of any other competing theory and lab test results that prove conclusively that chance and natural selection could not be the cause of macro evolution 21. 10) The discovery of the super complex genome, the most efficient processing system known to man, found in the simplest and earliest known creatures (according to evolution) in the Pre-Cambrian strata, must be the result of intelligent design due to the lack of any other competing theory and lab test results that prove conclusively that chance and natural selection could not be the cause 21. THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD Scientists referencing "The Scientific Method" makes it sound like that is an absolute end to all debate...I invite you to be open minded enough to examine how that worked out for the Theory of Evolution. To start with, Darwin had some scientific experiments that supported his initial theses for "survival of the fittest" (but openly admitted problems with the theory on the macro level and substantial portions of it unsubstantiated due to lack of applicable scientific means). One hundred and fifty (150) year later we now know that those experiments where within the limitations of genomic algorithms of micro-evolution (at the species level only) that does not extend to macro-evolutionary mechanisms (which have yet to be discovered). So, to date of all Darwin’s theories, macro-evolution (no known m-e mechanism & genomic sciences that conclude overwhelmingly that there is no Darwinian ToL patterns in the genome) , the Uniformitarianism process of the geological strata (modern science has determined most to be the result of Catastrophism), the capitulation theory in embryology (of which modern evolutionary biologists have rejected) and the missing link stratum (nonconformities), from all 11 geological Periods congruent in all cases globally, are still missing (and in a more definite portrait) have been debunked by the modern "Scientific Method" and yet are still held to because the alternative, Creationism, is simple not acceptable. The

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