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American World Traveler Spring 2018 Issue

Now in our 16th year of publishing, American World Traveler explores the culture and history of worldwide destinations, sharing the adventure of discovery with our readers and motivating them to make their travel dreams a reality. Published quarterly, AWT helps sophisticated, independent American travelers choose their next destination by offering a lively blend of intelligent, informative articles and tantalizing photographic images from our World’s best destinations, cruises, accommodations and activities to suit every traveler's taste.

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Published by American World Traveler 347 5th Ave, suite 1402 New York, NY 10016 Welcome to World Traveler Canadian World Traveller 5473 Royalmount, suite 224 TMR (Montreal) Qc H4P 1J3 Tel, : 1-855-738-8232 Publisher Michael Morcos Editor-in-chief Greg James Contributing Editor David J. Cox Graphic Department Al Cheong Advertising Department Leo Santini Marketing Department Tania Tassone Distribution Royce Dillon In this issue we start our world- wind tour with ‘Serendipity in Japan’s Northlands’ before heading to historic Wuzhen China, ‘The Venice of the East’. While still in Asia, we partake in some of the best Festivals it has to offer. Heading to warmer climes, we venture to experience the ‘Sights and Bites’ in Hanoi, Vietnam. Capping off our Asian leg we head to Bali and the magnificent area of Ubud, Indonesia. Next, we jet off to Africa and discover the many fabulous wonders of ‘Eternal Ethiopia’. Not far away we take a cruise down the mighty Nile River and discover the ancient sites of the Pharaohs. At the other end of the continent, we visit the ‘Four Rivers Route of Namibia’ and its plentiful wildlife. Close by we visit South Africa and learn of this nation’s struggles through the life of Nelson Mandela. In Europe, the stark contrasts are felt as we travel from the far north to the south. Starting in the arctic, we visit Norway and Finland and live the life of the hardy locals. In Germany, we watch the incredible ‘Passion Play’ which is produced only once per decade. In the emerald isle we head to ‘Ireland’s Ancient East Coast’ and watch as it ‘Comes to Life’. In the Iberian Peninsula, we head to Portugal’s capital to find ‘The Allure of Lisbon’. Finally, in Madrid we feast on one of the country’s best known foods, their delectable Iberian ham. Next up, is a tour of the new world. Starting in the deep south of the USA we find some ‘Gulf Coast Fun’ in Mobile, Alabama, before getting some rest and relaxation in ‘Beautiful Tampa Bay’. Refreshed and ready to go, we find ourselves biking and hiking through the best Guatemala has to offer. Finally, we end our world adventure tour in Panama with great food and wonderful activities. Happy travels! Senior Travel Writers: Susan Campbell Steve Gillick Regular Contributors: Habeeb Salloum Jennifer Merrick Natalie Ayotte Johanna Read Ron Paquet Cherie Delory Alan G. luke Jasmine Morcos Olivia Balsinger Ilona Kauremszky Mike Cohen Mathieu Morcos Gregory Caltabanis Rohit Agarwal Disclaimer: World Traveler has made every effort to verify that the information provided in this publication is as accurate as possible. However, we accept no responsibility for any loss, injury, or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from the information contained herein nor for any information provided by our advertisers. Why spend days recovering when you can take this homeopathic remedy during the flight and feel fresher upon arrival at your destination. 32 tablets in each packet - sufficient for 45 hours flying time. NO-JET-LAG TM Tel.: 514-933-3302 - Fax : 514-933-8311 Toll-free : 1-888-359-9355 - Email :

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