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Sigmund Freud

is very fond of his

is very fond of his young patient once removed. Hans’s fascination and fear about his own genitalia and that of his parents’ helped Freud formulate many of his ideas about the castration complex and childhood theories of where babies come from. It is also interesting to note that, despite the fact that Little Hans is brought up by what we would probably call enlightened or liberal parents who are followers of Freud, he is still told by his mother at an early age that if he continues to masturbate the doctor will cut off his penis. It is important to keep in mind the kinds of threats that young children were subject to more regularly in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, to understand how ideas such as Freud’s castration complex might emerge from a repressive social atmosphere around sexuality. Other than the stories of Studies on Hysteria, Freud published only four case histories of people who were actually his patients: ‘Dora’, who was treated for eleven weeks before she broke off the analysis in 1900; the Rat Man, who was treated in 1907; the Wolf Man, who began treatment in 1910 and whose case was followed up over sixty years (by Freud and other analysts), and a case of homosexuality in an unnamed young woman – another very short-term treatment. Each of these cases has its own fascinating features and bears much close analysis. In this chapter I will discuss the four cases individually. For the sake of argument, I will divide Freud’s case histories into two categories: the extended or ‘successful’ cases, and the short or prematurely broken off treatments. Coincidentally, these two categories seem to align themselves naturally with his treatment of men and his treatment of women. By looking at Freud’s (relative) successes with men and his (relative) failures with women we might be able to further isolate Freud’s troubling relation to that central question we saw him asking Marie Bonaparte in the last chapter: what do women want?


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