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CEO Evaluation

BOD Comments Goals

BOD Comments Goals Comments Has made significant progress in these areas. The organization is moving in a positive direction. I feel like we have had one of the greatest years in the history of the Beta Club. #1 - Leadership has been greatly enhanced because of the programs offered to our students. #2 - Our numbers are soaring because of the Beta products we are presenting to the students. Mr. Bright has met and exceeded in helping Beta to grow. This area has been much improved from the previous year. I think that he has also used his department directors in a more proactive part of planning and the new developments of our programs in order to meet those goals. Has done a good job. Leadership Comments I'm glad the NBC has taken on a higher profile in the Spartanburg community. I think the CEO has improved in the area of empowering others in the organization. Hopefully we can pay competitive salaries to hire & maintain a quality staff. Communication has been greatly enhanced in the last couple of years between the CEO and the staff. This has been a year with less turmoil. Although changes have occurred, these have not been the result of conflict. Mr. Bright continues to work towards meeting and exceeding the goals set forth by the board. I think having directors that he trusts has made a big difference in how his leadership has developed over the past year. I am pleased with leadership role. Management Performance Comments I see the CEO mixing and chatting with sponsors and students much more at conventions. Our state receives very positive feedback on the CEO & COO. I'm glad the NBC is moving forward with new competitions and events. I'm glad to see an emphasis on scholarships. I appreciate the CEO's patience with this diverse board of directors. I think our CEO has enhanced his performance with staff as well as Board of Directors which has greatly improved the comradery of all involved. As a priority for the coming year, I would like to see the audit completed on time. Redundancy should be built into the organization so that other department leaders can keep the financial reporting moving forward in case of personal changes. Mr. Bright has improved in the managing the national office and other entities in which he deals. This area has certainly approved over the past year. I think again the trust issue plays an important part of how the board perceives management. We have made several major changes in the Beta Club that could not have happen a year ago. I have seen improvement in finance department and believe we are making progress to ensure records and information is accurate legal. Goal 1 Continue to push for better salaries of NBC employees. Hire qualified people, pay them a decent wage and have them grow in the organization. Continue to recruit clubs through the Beta Club office because of the effectivness we have experienced thus far. Complete the annual audit on time. Work specifically in eighteen states for increased numbers and student participation Continue with the present goal. 1. Always growing the club. More students be able to access our club. Improve staff retention by setting an appropriate goal that reflects a smaller percentage of staff resignations. Keep and retain staff None Focus on goals and expectations for the club. Increase and improve opportunities for our students. n/a Page 1

BOD Comments Goal 2 Continue to educate the board on what is happening in today's world of education. We need to keep moving forward in STEM type of academic programs, more technology based competitions etc etc. Make sure student leadership follow the guidelines presented by the National Sponsors. Continue the development of positive interactions Continue to work with staff for continuity and congenial work environment Continue with present goal. I would like for the convention to be more than competition for our students. More interaction with students and sponsors at state and national conventions. Develop new competitions None Focus on continuing growth of the organization. Work with sponsors to help them in areas they need help from National Office. n/a Goal 3 Continue to develop products for the Beta Store. Our merchandise has vastly improved in recent years. Stay up with fashion and trends of today's youth and the products they want to purchase. N/A Continue growth balanced with maintaining quality Expand the Leadership Summit program to include conferences in other states Continue with present goal. Review the National office and what are employees do and how they work. Continue improving ongoing board communication. Let states have some of their own individuality on convention None Focus on positive leadership, working closely with board members, sponsors, and staff. Continue to keep board informed on issues and involved. n/a Goal 4 Continue to communicate with the board through "Fast Five" and other tidbits of relevant information. N/A Continue a high level of visibility Continue to develop lines of communication with board members. Continue with present goal. Begin to review our pay scale as we approach the end of the 3 year program. Foster a positive work environment for staff through incentives and recognition. It is not always about the number of new Betas but the quality in the numbers None Focus on core values of the organization. Work to attract and hire quality employees and do what we can to retain them. n/a Goal Comments I think we are striving to enhance our goals on a yearly basis which has certainly been a plus for our students as well as our schools nationwide. Continue with present goal. None Page 2

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