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COCKROACHES glue boards

COCKROACHES glue boards - plastic geotrap plastic gel The only waterproof cockroach trap. Pre activated with attractant gel on the glue surface. code: P-04002GEL glue area: 90x145 mm aroma: licorice pack: 10 pcs outer carton: sales unit 100 pcs pallet: 5600 pcs, 80x120x160H 100 mm 200 mm 30 mm insect pad for monitor guard Small ready to use detector that can be placed inside monitor guard. code: P-04074 glue area: 40x65 mm aroma: banana pack: 10 pcs 59 mm outer carton: sales unit 100 pcs 78 mm monitor guard Rigid plastic station for monitoring cockroaches with the use of insect pad for monitor guard. Can be installed vertically on shelves. code: P-04081 outer carton: sales unit 50 pcs 15 mm ideal for: insect pad for monitor guard (P-04074) 85 mm 125 mm 50

COCKROACHES glue boards - complementary products food based tablet for cockroaches Non-toxic tablet specifically formulated for cockroaches. code: P-01052 pack: 10 pcs in a blister outer carton: sales unit 200 pcs Ø12 mm gel box mini Small plastic dispenser for use with insecticide gel baits. Double sided tape already installed on each unit. Possible change in the product color. code: P-04149M pack: - outer carton: sales unit 25 pcs Ø 25 mm 10 mm 51

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