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ed bugs, ticks and mites

ed bugs, ticks and mites Monitoring bed bugs and ticks infestations is vital to identify the presence of these pests as fast as possible. inPEST’s Bed Bugs Trap is designed to reveal the presence of the pest BEFORE it manages to resettle in the area. Note: bed bugs and ticks are extremely difficult pests to identify and manage. Bed Bugs Trap is a tool for monitoring the activity of Cimex lectularius and other mites. Bed Bugs Trap mimics the hiding place of bed bugs (dark narrow places). Target: Cimex lectularius, Argas reflexus and Dermanyssus gallinae Storage conditions of glue traps: Stored in a cool and dry place (lower than 25°C / 77°F and 55% R.H.) in their original packaging. Products are guaranteed to perform correctly up to 3 years. 74

BED BUGS, TICKS AND MITES bed bugs, ticks and mites bed bugs trap code: P-04179 glue area: 2 areas 70x40 mm each pack: 10 pcs outer carton: sales unit 30 pcs 85 mm 160 mm double sided tape for bed bugs Use around bed legs and in other bed bugs passageways. 50 mm code: P-04179TAPE pack: sales unit 25 m 75

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