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flies, wasps, fruit

flies, wasps, fruit flies/ vinegar flies, mosquitoes inPEST flies, wasps, fruit flies/vinegar flies, mosquitoes line is composed of a series of valid tools to manage infestations in open spaces such as balconies, gardens, orchards or in those areas where beer, wine, alcohol, sugar, etc. are stocked and processed. Target: Drosophila spp., Musca domestica, Lucilia caesar, Calliphora vomitoria, Sarcophaga carnaria, Vespidae in general. 76

FLIES, WASPS, FRUIT FLIES/VINEGAR FLIES, MOSQUITOES flies, wasps, fruit flies/vinegar flies apple trap Ø 180 mm Funnel entrance for ease of access to insects. Position at 1,5 m (approx. 5 ft) above ground. code: P-04025 pack: - outer carton: sales unit 10 pcs pallet: 480 pcs, 80x120x170H 140 mm water-soluble powder for flies Food based powder for monitoring flies. code: P-01027 pack: 50 g (1,8 oz) in plastic sachet outer carton: sales unit 20 pcs ideal for: apple trap (P-04025) 95 mm 110 mm 20 mm vespokil Food based liquid for monitoring wasps and hornets. Color change and/or separation of ingredients inside the bottle do not compromise the efficacy. Always shake well before use. 170 mm code: P-01011 capacity: 500 ml bottle outer carton: sales unit 6 pcs ideal for: apple trap (P-04025) 70 mm 77

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