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DRYFOG SYSTEM advantages

DRYFOG SYSTEM advantages The patented nozzle guarantees a 7-8 micron size of the droplets which remain suspended for a longer time The fog does not wet or stain surfaces it comes into contact with It is possible to treat very large volumes (up to 20.000 m 3 with 1 machine) field of employment Food industries, mills, feed mills Traditional warehouses where goods at high risk of infestation are stocked (e.g. hazelnuts, cocoa beans, pasta, etc.) Stores and sales points 90

DRYFOG SYSTEM target insects flying insects crawling insects flies beetles roaches other beetles of foodstuffs Muscidae Calliphoridae Sarcophagidae Anobiidae Blattellidae Blattidae Silvanidae Tenebrionidae wasps and hornets Food and clothes moths other beetles of foodstuffs other beetles of foodstuffs Vespidae Pyralidae Dermestidae Curculionidae Tineidae dryfog portable dryfog system code: P-17054 For further information please contact our sales team. 91

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