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OTHER PRODUCTS bird displacement glue pigeon stop Bird displacement glue. Does not contain any toxic active substances. Must be applied on flat surfaces to prevent birds from landing and nesting on the treated area. Can be used with a standard silicone gun. code: P-14006 content: 250 g (8,8 oz) pack: 1 pc outer carton: sales unit 12 pcs pallet: 960 pcs, 80x120x125H 92

OTHER PRODUCTS complementary and safety products cerabile High visibility (blue) sterile metal detectable plaster. Thanks to an internal metal strip this plaster is detected by metal detectors and is particularly suitable for use in food industries. 20 mm code: P-08001 pack: 20 pcs outer carton: 50 packs 70 mm detectable pen Retractable detectable pen made to be detected and rejected by typical metal detection machines. Ideal for using in food factories. code: P-08028 pack: 10 pcs outer carton: 50 packs 170 mm 93

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