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14 Claude Monet: The

14 Claude Monet: The Thames below Westminster (La Tamise et le Parlement), about 1871 Oil on canvas 47 x 73 cm © The National Gallery, London MONET AND ARCHITECTURE AT THE NATIONAL GALLERY In a landmark show at the National Gallery in spring – the first purely Monet exhibition to be staged in London for more than twenty years – there is a unique and surprising opportunity to discover the artist as we have never seen him before. We typically think of Claude Monet as a painter of landscape, of the sea, and in his later years, of gardens – but until now there has never been an exhibition considering his work in terms of architecture. Featuring more than seventy-five paintings by Monet, this innovative exhibition spans his long career from its beginnings in the mid-1860s to the public display of his Venice paintings in 1912. As a daring young artist, he exhibited in the Impressionist shows and displayed canvases of the bridges and buildings of Paris and its suburbs. Much later as an elderly man, he depicted the renowned architecture of Venice and London, reflecting them back to us through his exceptional vision. More than a quarter of the paintings in the Credit Suisse exhibition: Monet & Architecture come from private collections around the world, works little-known and rarely exhibited. A manmade structure helps the viewer engage with the experience of a Monet landscape. Monet & Architecture will be displayed in three sections – The Village and the Picturesque, The City and the Modern, and The Monument and the Mysterious – and will explore how one of the world’s bestloved painters captured a rapidly changing society through his portrayal of buildings. It will feature a rare gathering of some of Monet’s great ‘series’ paintings – five Dutch pictures from trips made in the early 1870s, 10 paintings of Argenteuil and the Parisian suburbs from the mid-1870s, seven Rouen Cathedrals from 1892–5, eight London paintings from 1899–1904, and nine Venice canvases from 1908. The exhibition will feature exceptional pairings, such as both paintings of the church at Ve?theuil, which Monet made immediately on arrival in the village in late 1878 (one Scottish National Gallery, the other Private Collection). One was shown at the 4th Impressionist exhibition in 1879, and the other at the 7th in 1882, but they have never been seen together. The National Gallery's well-known Thames below Westminster (1871) will be seen alongside a picture of the beach at Trouville (1870, Private Collection), made only months before with the same size canvas and a very similar composition. Through buildings, Monet bore witness to his location, revelling in kaleidoscopic atmospherics and recording the play of sunshine, fogs, and reflections, using the characteristics of the built environment as his theatre of light. Claude Monet: The Water-Lily Pond (Le Bassin aux nymphéas), 1899 Oil on canvas 88.3 x 93.1 cm © The National Gallery, London t h i s i s l o n d o n m a g a z i n e • t h i s i s l o n d o n o n l i n e

VIEWS FROM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH: UNKNOWN PATAGONIA The wilds of the southernmost tip of South America are explored in a new exhibition from seven international professional travel and nature photographers while on trips with Australis, the expedition cruise ship company. Comprising 16 photographs in large format, the exhibition will be held at the Coningsby Gallery, between 23 and 27 April. Images from the trips with Australis, which specialises in navigating a unique passage through the fjords and channels of Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, around Cape Horn and through the Strait of Magellan and Beagle Channel, include photography from award-winning British photographer Nori Jemil. Bárbara Mur, curator of the exhibition said: ‘The exhibition is a visual feast for the eyes that allows you to go on a trip and feel nature in its purest state. You will feel the impact of the colours, forests, light and glaciers.’ Australis Europe Manager, Frederic Guillemard said: ‘The peculiarity of this exhibition is to show a route that can only be reached through our boats. The photographers have all been stunned by the all-encompassing beauty and the nature which continues to be, at this time, as Magellan saw it in the 16th century and as Darwin experienced it in the 19th.’ On 2 January 2018, Australis launched its second ship Ventus. In keeping with its sister ship Stella, the luxury, state-of-the-art ship has 100 spacious cabins for 210 passengers, Nobel beds and floor to ceiling windows that capture the stunning scenery. Ventus Australis offers two intimate four-night itineraries. The ‘Fjords of Tierra del Fuego’ departs from Punta Arenas in Chile and navigates south to Cape Horn before returning northwards to disembark in Ushuaia, Argentina. The new ‘Patagonian Explorer’ itinerary departs from Ushuaia heading to Cape Horn, returning north to disembark in Punta Arenas. Both itineraries enable Australis passengers to experience the remoteness of Patagonia through a programme of included excursions such as stepping ashore at the fabled Cape Horn. ELLEN VON UNWERTH: LADYLAND AT OPERA GALLERY Opera Gallery is to present Ladyland, a selection of Ellen von Unwerth’s most iconic photography from the past thirty years. One of the world’s most acclaimed female photographers, Ellen von Unwerth (pictured) made her name launching the careers of supermodels Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, among others, turning them into modern icons. Her reputation for using the female gaze to celebrate the female form and women’s sensuality has made her one of the most in-demand fashion photographers. The exhibition will celebrate the artist’s instantly recognisable photography that have graced the front covers of Vogue, ELLE, Glamour, and many more. Ellen von Unwerth’s fashion editorials, campaigns and short films for prestigious luxury brands such as Dior, Chanel, Rolex and Azzedine Alaïa have shifted fashion photography into the realms of the art world. Her work is now included in some of the world’s most important fine art collections and has been exhibited internationally. In a male-dominated industry, Ellen von Unwerth’s photography provides a timeless exploration of women’s power, presenting women as strong, free and independent. At a critical time of female awakening, her photography is more pertinent than ever. 15 t h i s i s l o n d o n m a g a z i n e • t h i s i s l o n d o n o n l i n e

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