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what drives the music

what drives the music industry? “The story of the recorded music industry over the last two decades is one of transformation: from physical to digital; downloads to streaming; ownership to access” Frances Moore - IFPI (2017) HONEST TRANSPARENT MUSIC

Digital music consumption revolves around access not ownership and streaming is the growth force behind the market. [5] In 2016, music streaming grew by 60.4% and brought in $4.6 billion in revenue. STREAMING GROWTH YEAR ON YEAR: 2012–2016 5, 000 +60.4% 4, 000 +47.3% 3, 000 +36.2% 2, 000 1, 000 +56.0% +41.1% - 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Streaming services allow users to listen to music very cheaply or for free, earning money through advertising revenue and subscriptions. HONEST TRANSPARENT MUSIC

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