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SVCC Catalog/Handbook 2017-2018

102 Southside Virginia

102 Southside Virginia Community College CAREER STUDIES (Christanna and John H. Daniel Campuses) Award: Certificate of Career Studies Length: Variable for part-time continuing education students. The options within this program amount to the equivalent of one to two semesters of full-time community college work (9-36 credits). Purpose: The career studies program is a response to the non-conventional, short-term program of study needs of many adults within the college region. It is designed on the basis of a series of specialized program options that represent a wide variety of career and academic interest course areas. These options include a minimum amount of coursework considered representative of these fields of study. Each program option is designed as a distinct mini-curriculum within a broader range of adult education possibilities. Program Options: Advanced Manufacturing Technology Agribusiness Applications Software Specialist Apprenticeship Studies Automotive Technician Automotive Tune-Up Bookkeeping Computer and Office Basics Computer and Office Basics–Design Track Cosmetology License Preparation Culinary Arts (Dual Enrollment) Cybersecurity Diesel Technician Early Childhood Programs Emergency Medical Services–EMT Basic Emergency Medical Services–EMT Advanced Emergency Medical Services–Intermediate Emergency Medical Services–Paramedic Fire Science Technology Gaming Technology Health Information Technology Health Sciences High Performance Technology Human Services HVAC–Basic HVAC– Advanced Law Enforcement Medical Office Assisting National Electric Code Networking and Computer Support Nurse Aide (Dual Enrollment Only) Precision Machining Religious Organization Leadership Substance Abuse Counseling Aide Website Development Welding Admissions Requirements: Admission to the career studies certificate program is based upon the general requirements for admission to the college. Deficiencies in general education may require developmental studies. The student is expected to select one of the available program options during admission and registration. Program Requirements: The career studies certificate curriculum includes selected specialized courses within each program option. The range of course credits varies between the program options. Upon satisfactory completion of one of the program options, the graduate will receive the Career Studies Certificate. Students of the college may earn more than one certificate as program requirements are satisfied. Program Conditions: Career studies program options will be developed and implemented as community needs are identified and instructional resources permit. Normally, courses which are associated with the various program options may be offered when all of the following conditions are met: (1) justifiable student enrollment exists, (2) adequate facilities are available on or off campus, (3) qualified instructors are available, and (4) adequate financial resources are available. The flexibility of the option approach provides for the activation or deactivation of program options depending on the above factors. Certificate Award: Upon satisfactory completion of the program with a C average, the student should contact the Admissions and Records Office and apply for a certificate.

Programs of Study 103 CAREER STUDIES CERTIFICATES Course Title Hours ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY AIR 121 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration I 2 2 3 AIR 134 Circuits and Controls I 2 2 3 CAD 140 Technical Drawing 2 2 3 ELE 113 Electricity I 3 0 3 ELE 127 Residential Wiring Methods 2 2 3 IND 160 Introduction to Robotics 2 2 3 MAC 150 Introduction to Computer Aided Manufacturing 2 2 3 MTH 103 Applied Technical Mathematics 3 0 3 Total 18 12 24 AGRIBUSINESS AGR 141 Introduction to Animal Science and Technology 3 3 4 AGR 142 Introduction to Plant Science and Technology 2 3 3 AGR 143 Introduction to Agribusiness and Financial 3 0 3 Management AGR 144 Agricultural Human Resource Management 3 0 3 AGR EEE Agribusiness Elective 3 0 3 AGR EEE Agribusiness Elective 3 0 3 SDV 100 College Success Skills 1 0 1 Total 18 6 20 APPLICATION SOFTWARE SPECIALIST AST 114 Keyboarding for Information Processing 0 2 1 ITE 115 Introduction to Computer Applications & Concepts 3 0 3 ITE 140 Spreadsheet Software 3 0 3 ITE 150 Desktop Database Software 3 0 3 AST 141 Word Processing I 2 2 3 AST 236 Specialized Software Applications 2 2 3 Total 13 6 16 APPRENTICESHIP STUDIES Student must complete approved courses to satisfy apprenticeship-related instructional requirements. Lab