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Bar Bat Mitzvah Magazine 2018

illionares who don’t

illionares who don’t live a luxury lifestyle Walmart’s Son Chose Not To Live A Luxurious Life Jim Walton is the son of the Walmart founder Sam Walton. His net worth is $37.2 billion. He is the youngest among his siblings. Despite the fact that Jim came from a wealthy family, he followed in his father’s footsteps of simple living. The youngest and most private of the Walton siblings, Jim still resides in Bentonville, Ark., where he runs the family’s personal wealth management company from the upstairs office of “a plain old brick building” in downtown Bentonville. He drives a 15-year-old Dodge Dakota. Google Founder Was Raised To Be Happy With Little Sergey Brin is a cofounder of Google. His net worth is $45.2 billion. He learned to live a simple life because of his parents who raised him really well. “From my parents, I certainly learned to live simply and to be happy without many things. It’s interesting—I still find myself not wanting to leave anything on the plate uneaten. When I go shopping I still look for discounts. I was raised being happy with not so much.” In memory of Joe Gindi A”H Dish Network’s CEO Charlie Ergen is chairman of Dish Network. His net worth is $19 billion. Charlie Ergen is famous for living simply. Ergen said that his being satisfied with little, traces back to his mother’s childhood. “My mom grew up in the Depression. I don’t have a mahogany desk.” The self-made billionaire packs a brown-bag lunch with a sandwich and Gatorade before work every day. Carlos Slim: Lives Simply Carlos Slim’s net worth is $52.8 billion. He still drives an old Mercedes-Benz. The businessman has lived in the same six-bedroom house in Mexico for more than 40 years and routinely enjoys sharing home-cooked meals with his children and grandchildren. Billionaires Who Live Simply Founders & CEOs of the following companies Alibaba Tumblr Zappos Apple Twitter Zara Ebay WhatsApp Wipro 126 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Magazine Source: Go on View magazine at

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