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Ralph Lauren ralph

Ralph Lauren ralph Lauren: Stand out from the crowd Start Selling When You’re a Kid Ralph Lauren’s real name is Ralph Lifshitz. He is an American fashion designer, whose net worth is $5.3 billion. Ralph Lauren was not born into privilege. He was born in the Bronx, New York City, to Jewish immigrants. At the age of 12, he worked after school to fund his extravagant taste in clothing and was known for selling hand-made ties to his fellow students at school. Little did he know this would become the driving force of his entrepreneurial success. It had taken him two decades to progress from his first low paid job as a glove salesman to multi-millionaire status. Stand Out From The Crowd No matter what industry you are in or what profession you practice, bringing new ideas to the table is what makes an individual, or in this case a company, progress. Ralph Lauren first achieved success by designing colorful and patterned ties in a world where thin and black uniform ties were still the norm. “I wanted to sell to Bloomingdale’s, which was the kingpin in New York. When I finally had the chance to show the buyer my ties, he said, “Ralph, I like the patterns—but you gotta make them a quarter of an inch narrower. I said to the guy, “Gary, I’m dying to sell to Bloomingdale’s, but I’m closing my bag because I can’t make the tie a quarter of an inch narrower.” Later that day after I left Bloomingdale’s, I told some colleagues what had happened. They said, “Ralph, who cares if you have to change your tie?” I said, “No, no— I’m not going to do it,” and I continued to sell to other stores. Six months later, Bloomingdale’s called me again. “Listen,” the buyer said, “we’re gonna put in a whole rack and case of your ties!” The decision paid off handsomely in the end, earning Lauren $500,000 in his first year alone. From there he was able to expand on new ideas and take his company in new directions. So the next time you have an idea, don’t be afraid to share it. You never know where it might lead you. Be Yourself & Find Your Passion In the world of fashion, being comfortable in what you are wearing (both physically and socially) is vital to your success. Ralph Lauren understood that fashion trends come and go. What really lasts is a person’s personal taste and style. In his pursuit of the American Dream, Ralph Lauren never cowered to express his own individuality. He once said, “Personal style is about having a sense of yourself and what you believe in every day.” He never failed to remain true to his own beliefs and tastes, and he tried to show a piece of himself in his work every day. We cannot have a vision or a dream if we do not know who we are underneath. Staying in touch with our morals and our values is what keeps our dream in focus and allows us to persevere in working towards accomplishing it. Every once in a while, take the time to remind yourself of why you are doing what you’re doing, whether it’s trying to start a business, or getting a college degree. Keeping your goals in line with your beliefs, will make chasing them much more enjoyable. Bloomingdales rejected him for being too daring in his designs. In his early years, it seemed as if no one was on Lauren’s side. But, he did not care. He stood his ground, followed his passion, and designed how he wanted to design. That was how he made a name for himself. 136 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Magazine Source: Go on continued on p. 138

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