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Bar Bat Mitzvah Magazine 2018

Ralph Lauren ralph

Ralph Lauren ralph Lauren: Be yourself & find your passion Believe In Yourself & Others Will Follow After viewing his first polo match in New York, Lauren was inspired to quit his job as a clerk at Brooks Brothers and start his own company. He had no experience, with only a high school diploma and a few business classes on his résumé. But, he won over Bloomingdale’s with his brazen attitude. There is never a “right time.” If you have an idea, go for it and shock everyone with results. Ralph’s first big break was with Bloomingdale’s—the hottest store around at the time. They said they loved his neckties, but they wanted to take his name off the label and replace it with the Bloomingdale’s name. He said, no way, left the deal on the table and walked away. Six months later, Bloomingdale’s came back. Turns out they did want his neckties and they’d keep his name on them! Look To Improve You can enjoy the moment, but you have to keep things going - and you can’t be a one - trick pony. You’re only as good as your latest success. Appreciate your accomplishments, but always strive to improve. Listening To Other’s Opinions Whether it was his children, the interns working at his company, or the customers in his stores, Lauren made sure to listen to what the young people were saying about fashion tastes and trends. Rich Parents who Raise NOT Spoiled Kids Ralph Lauren is happily married for over 40 years. Family time is very important to him. Every night, Ralph Lauren and his family sit down together for dinner. Q: How have you instilled integrity in your children who were raised with every material thing anyone could want? A: We just passed on our values by how we lived. My kids also knew our parents, and both sets were very humble. My kids and I had a very normal life. My work is my work and, yes, they were exposed to things other kids weren’t, but they know what my wife and I value—we’ve always had the right value system about what’s important in terms of family and friends. That has nothing to do with being rich or poor. I could have less and essentially be the same person. Having success at an early age gave me more of a sense of what’s important in life, rather than always striving to make it. I loved what I did, and my satisfaction came from my own sense of stretching. I was fulfilled inside as opposed to needing outside fulfillment. Now, did I want good things that I’d never had? Yes. Did I have dreams about living this kind of life? Sure. Most everyone has those dreams—a nice house, a pool. That’s part of the American dream. Did I give up my family in order to have it? No. Did I jump to another group because they were going to make me become bigger? Never. I have always been who I am. What was wrong with David’s way of parenting that later on led to his son Avshalom attempting to kill him? 138 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Magazine Source: Go on View magazine at

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