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Inside NIRMA - Spring March 2018 Issue

Regulatory Information

Regulatory Information Management Business Unit (RIMBU) News By Chris Boudreaux, RIMBU Business Unit Director he 2018 RIMBU Spring meeting was held on March 6-7, 2018. RIMBU Meetings are a great opportunity for NIRMA Members to participate in the efforts of the team to discuss emerging topics for our industry and develop technical guidelines to establish best practices. In addition, this is a great opportunity to network with peers in the nuclear industry, to exchange ideas around technology and process, and perhaps find some new ideas that would work for your company. The main topics of discussion at this year’s Spring Meeting were: Decommissioning, Electronic Signature, White Paper on Sustainable Long Term Storage of Records, and Migration to the Cloud. Upcoming NIRMA ANSI Audit: As an ANSI Approved Standards Developer, NIRMA undergoes periodic audits to verify its procedures and standards-related activities are in compliance with the ANSI Essential Requirements that govern ANSI Standards. A pre-audit conference call was held with ANSI staff in January. In February, NIRMA prepared and submitted a documentation package associated with the processing of the 2015 Reaffirmation of the ANSI/ NIRMA Standard for Configuration Management. We expect to receive initial results of the audit in late March or early April. Updates on the status of the audit will be provided in future RIMBU reports. Decommissioning White Paper: With the recent decommissioning projects and impending projects on the near horizon, RIMBU decided that a focus was needed to provide guidance on improving the decommissioning process related to information and records management (IRM). This means examining the effectiveness and efficiency of managing information and records throughout all phases of decommissioning. In January 2017, RIMBU assembled a working group with the goal of creating a “Decommissioning Playbook” for IRM. This “Playbook” is to provide guidance on delivering a consistent and repeatable process during the planning and implementation in executing the decommissioning of a plant. Thus far, RIMBU has drafted a White Paper in order to understand the scope and magnitude of this issue. This White Paper includes the following: An examination of record and information types needed during the various phases that constitute a decommissioning project. This involved reviewing regulatory and standards decommissioning documentation from the NRC and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Tables were assembled that listed the identified record and information types against the phase in decommissioning, that information was needed. Lessons learned could be gleaned from decommissioning efforts from the past or are currently underway. Certain case studies from ongoing and past decommissioning projects were reviewed. The primary messages from these case studies are: • Determining what records were needed (“what’s in; what’s out”) • Determining how the retention schedule is applied • What condition were the records – physical, category, accuracy, completeness, etc. • The condition would then dictate scope, risk, and ultimately, cost The primary lessons learned are: • Too many records that must be culled • Lack of records • Unchecked or inaccurate records • Wrong interpretation of records What’s Next RIMBU will ready the White Paper for the review cycle with the BU/ membership and ultimately to the Board for approval. Status of Technical Guidelines: • TG’s 5 and 16 sent to NIRMA Board for Approval Click here to visit the NIRMA website. 12 Spring 2018 Inside NIRMA

In our newest column, we will meet NIRMA President, Michelle Smith. Michelle is the Electronic Records Management and Automation, Document Control and Training Support Supervisor at South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company where she is responsible for the development and implementation of the ERM&A strategic plan to automate real-time support for electronic, end-to-end submittal, storage and retrieval of STP required records. Michelle has been a member of NIRMA since 2007 and has served in several leadership positions (Director and Co-Director of RIMBU, BOD as secretary ) before becoming President in 2018. Michelle also has involvement in Women in Nuclear as Program Director and Treasurer. Michelle and spouse Anthony, have seven children together, I guess you can say they are the Brady Bunch of Angleton, Texas. Michelle has two girls and Anthony has five boys. Michelle loves traveling and spending time with her three grandchildren. In her spare time, she loves to bake from birthday to wedding cakes and she even enjoys teaching her grandkids to bake. Question: NIRMA will host its annual conference in August. Besides the conference itself, what are you most looking forward to doing in Las Vegas? Answer: I have been attending the NIRMA Conference since 2007. I have found the conference to be very rewarding. It has allowed me to build lasting relationships with Industry peers and we have ventured to the strip to take in a show or two. I love looking for the mom and pop restaurants to have a good home cooked meal. Contrary to what most people say, I can come to Vegas and not play the slots. Q: What is your favorite all time movie line? A: I love watching Hallmark movies, I can camp out all day on the couch watching movie after movie, but my favorite movie line is from Pretty Woman, when Richard Gere’s character says “I told you not to pick up the phone,” and Julia Roberts character replies with “Then stop calling me.” Q: Dogs or Cats? Why? Michelle Smith and her husband, Anthony A: As a child growing up we always had pet dogs, but in the early 80’s a co-worker gave me a black Himalayan cat and I named him spooky. Q: If you could meet anyone from history, who would you meet and why? A: I would have loved to meet Daniel Williams, the first open heart surgeon because he made such an awesome contribution to the world. Q: What was the first live concert you ever attended? A: When I was eighteen, I attended a Frankie Beverly and Maze concert. I remember having such good seats, that I could see the sweat on his forehead. Michelle enjoys decorating cakes in her free time. Here is one of her special creations. Q: What holiday would you invent to get the day off work? A: Michelle’s day. I can truly say that I was able to have Michelle’s day once in my lifetime. It was wonderful, I spent the day in Houston, shopping and eating with friends. Inside NIRMA Spring 2018 13