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Inside NIRMA - Spring March 2018 Issue

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Bentley Continued from Page 5 To move to asset performance modeling, 3D digital engineering models across all disciplines are integrated with the IT and OT systems used for asset performance monitoring. As the operating baseline for infrastructure assets, digital engineering models bring together schematics; engineering analyses; network models; 3D models; functional components, catalogs, and specifications. With the power of cloud computing companies can run complex simulations to explore the benefits of alternative decisions. This enables owner-operators to optimize processes for the day-to-day running of assets, balancing capital and operational costs and maximizing production capability. For example, nuclear plants can manage asset performance far more effectively when they have digital engineering models that intelligently bring together all infrastructure data. When IT and OT systems connect with this ET data, teams can view the asset performance history, see all failure alerts, geo-coordinate to the exact positioning within the infrastructure asset, and drill down into the 3D digital The V-Model represents project lifecycle processes, including IT, OT, and ET. Digital engineering models create the digital twin, or digital replica of the physical assets. Anita S. Beren NIRMA Treasurer Financial Holdings: 12/31/17 Checking Account $ 8,478.54 Investment Account $ 130,793.38 TOTAL $ 139,271.92 engineering model to determine the cause of the alarm. Then they can refer to the manufacturer’s degradation data, access maintenance and repair data information, and take corrective action. Operational performance can be optimized by including data such as population, meteorological trends and forecasts, and usage and demand patterns to plan for efficiencies in distribution and energy usage. Bentley’s AssetWise leverages the convergence of IT, OT, and ET information to help companies optimize asset performance, supporting an asset strategy of regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and risk mitigation. Built on a hybrid cloud-computing platform that leverages a common data environment, AssetWise facilitates the interoperation of multiple data sources, providing operations, maintenance, and engineering with accurate and reliable information, when it is needed, to make informed decisions, from capital planning through proactive asset maintenance. For additional information about AssetWise, visit 14 Spring 2018 Inside NIRMA

SavantX SavantX’s A.I. extends results to Related Terms, such as different Continued from Page 7 terms, same meaning. Thus making the platform forgiving if a search term is misspelled or abbreviated. The capabilities that SavantX delivers encompass a broad scope, not the least of which is facilitating knowledge transfer and retention. The Patent Pending Technologies that drive SavantX allow for revealing hidden relationships and trends in the data which aids in having actionable information that a plant can use to help safeguard against repeating undesirable conditions/ incidents. Making Search Easy The overarching goal behind the technology is to make ALL station data quickly findable… by bringing the “consumer” search experience to the Enterprise. An easy-to-use User Experience (UX) utilizes natural language queries to return relevant results. A state-of-theart data visualization tool allows users to interact with the data and gain much more relevant information than a run-of-themill search tool would allow for. The SavantX Platform ingests all station databases directly to include attachments. The attachments are processed to make them machine-readable. Image files are OCR’d. All data is then searchable residing in a single data store or corpus continually updated with the latest documents. Results are quickly returned to the user and automatically ranked with smart (A.I. enhanced) user-controlled filters. Key terms are identified, and relationships highlighted at the passage level from disparate data stores, disambiguating and enabling rapid navigation with large return sets. A discovery feature provides an interactive user experience of the search results so that users unfamiliar with the principal terms/ concepts/relationships in a specific knowledge domain can instantly see and navigate to actionable information. By computing relationships in higher dimensions, SavantX is able to reveal 2 nd , 3 rd ,4 th , and 5 th party relationships. Making Operational Experience On-Demand The initial focus for SavantX was to help the nuclear energy market solve their intractable problem of turning tens of millions of records across many datasets into critical insights to maximize safety and efficiency. The Company continues to innovate and apply its technologies to new applications and domains to include the Department of Defense. This Next Generation Search & Discovery Platform built especially for the Nuclear Power Industry to deliver on the Nuclear Promise will be at the upcoming 2018 NIRMA Conference where SavantX will be both exhibiting and presenting. In the meantime, you can learn more at SavantX screenshot from operating nuclear power station databases presenting the BIG PICTURE of >100,000 results. About the Author: Ed Heinbockel Co-Founder, President, & CEO of SavantX, Inc. Ed Heinbockel has over thirty years of hands-on experience in the management of high-tech companies, with a proven record of success in building leading-edge software products in both public and private companies. Ed has been a technologist since the eighties building teams around emerging technologies – from producing the first CD and DVD-ROM entertainment titles - to next-gen training simulations for three-letter government agencies and the DoD. Ed notched a successful IPO and is now on his third successful start-up. Ed was named to Newsweek Magazine’s Century Club of the top “100 people to watch in the next millennium.” He was also named as one of Executive Excellence Magazine’s “Top 100 Thinkers of Our Time.” Ed holds an engineering degree and an MBA from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He holds several pending patents as co-inventor in Enterprise Search and Machine Learning. Inside NIRMA Spring 2018 15