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Verizon 9%41 AM 100% Verizon 9%41 AM BlockVote 100% Hello, California Voter! Your next local election will occur in 37 06 57 DAY HR MIN S S November 8, 2016 INSTRUCTIONS: To vote tap the small circle to the left of each candidate. To vote for a write in canditate, tap the small circle and type the name. Presidential General Election PARTY-NOMINATED OFFICES HILLARY CLINTON for President TIM KAINE for Vice President Democratic Vote Now Cast your vote ahead of time. JILL STEIN for President AJAMU BARAKA for Vice President Green Home Ballot Alerts Profile DONALD J. TRUMP for President MICHAEL R. PENCE Home Ballot for Vice President Alerts Republican, American Independent Profile

BlockVote is a mobile voting app which uses blockchain technology to secure and verify your voter ID, and enable remote ballot casting.

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